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Winters is a city that is based in Yolo County, California. The city is located along Interstate 505 and Putah Creek, and is known for its rural roots and small-town American feel. As of July 2015, Winters had an estimated population of around 7,044 residents. The city is part of the Yuba City – Arcade – Arden – Sacramento, CA – NV Combined Statistical areas. Winters has a comfortable climate but does tend to get brutally cold during those wintery and frigid months. As a small rural community, the city is mainly known for its residential and commercial establishments.

Top Employers in Winters, California

Winters is a small town where everyone knows everyone else. As a family-orientated and closely-knit community, the city is home to several commercial businesses and franchises. In fact, most of the residents tend to work for the following top employers in the city:

Winters Joint Unified School District
• Mariani Nut Company
• Buckhord Restaurant Group
• Double M Trucking
• Pavestone

This information was compiled by the Winters’ 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

A Brief History of Winters

The Winters post office was established in 1875. However, the city would become incorporated in 1898 – and was mainly settled by existing Americans and European arrivals. The town is named after Theodore Winters, who provided half of the town’s land to develop the community. John Reid Wolfskill – another important early pioneer – also started the agricultural development of the Sacramento Valley in the area. This was done by planting orchards and vineyards in 1842. In 1935, the heirs to Wolfskill’s estate deeded 100 acres of the Wolfskill Ranch -in Winters – to the University of California at Davis. The latter had been founded in 1908, and they used the newly given land to plant and conduct experimental orchards.

Notable Residents

The City of Winters has produced a number of notable names and residents over the years. From athletes and politicians to agricultural specialists, here are some of the notable residents that once called – or continue to call – Winters home:

• John Reid Wolfskill – a true Winters’ pioneer, philanthropist, and agrarian specialist.
• Robert Crumb – famed cartoonist, animator and graphic designer.
• Frank Demaree – Major League Baseball player.
• Robert Craig McNamara – current owner of Sierra Orchids and son of the Robert S. McNamara – Secretary of the Department of Defense.

Things to Do in Winters

Winters is pretty much a quiet town set within a serene and tranquil environment. Residents love the many trees and vegetation that blanket the city and outskirts. There are a few parks for outdoor and recreational activities, along with the Winters City Hall. The latter is home to the city government office, along with all the historical preserves of the town and its roots. From documents and photos to old newspapers, you can find everything you need at the town hall. Here are some of the things you can do and see when visiting or planning to relocate to Winters:

Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve

Stebbins is one of the more popular nature havens in Winters. This park and reserve features a myriad of plants, trees, and botanical arrangements for one and all. Whether for residents or visitors alike, you will love the amazing nature trails that blanket the park. From walking and jogging to running and bicycling, Stebbins is the perfect place for outdoor activities and fun. Many locals and guests love the picturesque backdrops and scenic imagery that the park offers. It is also great for camping, hiking, and getting in touch with Mother Nature at her finest.

Bondolio Olive Oil Farm

The Bondolio Olive Oil Farm is a landmark and must-see venue in Winters. As you know, Winters is a small town – but is home to some of the best vineyards and wine producing companies in California. With this in mind, Bondolio offers daily guided tours of their olive oil production facilities and venue. Locals and visitors can sample a range of olive oils, along with cheese, wine, and many different products. With its cozy and inviting décor, this unique farm is perfect for anniversaries, birthday parties, or social gatherings. You will learn the intricacies of tasting wine and fine oils, along with how these amazing products are made right at home in Winters.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Winters – Fine Restaurants

No trip to Winters is ever complete without taking in a show. In fact, the popular Palms Playhouse is a small – but stellar venue that features yearly concerts and events. With its historic décor, several top-name artists and bands have performed at this venue over the years. From live blues music to artistic and ceramics displays, the Palms is heralded by fine arts lovers and musical enthusiasts. With ample seating and plenty of parking, you simply need to contact the Playhouse to inquire about performance schedules and tickets. You can also check the following website to access more information:

Main Street Cellars

Main Street Cellars is a hip and trendy venue that specializes in fine wines and food. You can sample all local favorites, along with international and domestic blends. They also feature wine and cheese tasting tours, along with guided information on the wine and beer making process in Winters. As always, there is a lively and energetic atmosphere with great music, food and folks. Get to know your neighbors – or plan a social event at the Cellars for a wonderful time. You can also visit Ficelle Restaurant nearby -which features mouth-watering appetizers and delicious entrees. From enchanting desserts and ice-cream to world-class coffees and platters, Ficcelle offers the best in Spanish, Mexican and Californian cuisine. You can even order take-out and enjoy your meal at Main Street Cellars. They will provide you with cutlery and plates, along with extensive wine, champagne and beer lists for your convenience.

Shopping Venues in Winters

Winters is home to several shopping venues and marts. From fine wines and groceries to clothing and electronics, you can find everything you need at the following stores:

The Fruit Tree

The Fruit Tree features several gift items for all occasions. This includes fruit and wine baskets, along with greeting cards and fine appetizers and delicacies. This popular shopping venue also features an extensive range of photo album portraits, digital portraits, arts, crafts, hobbies and so much more. The Fruit Tree is known for its professional customer services team – that always treats one and all like family. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays – you are sure to find some unique personal, corporate and family gifts at this shop. There is plenty of parking available, and the store is within walking distance of Winter’s downtown area.

Morgan’s of California

Morgan’s of California has everything you need. From fine wines and foods to gifts and apparel, this venue is truly one of the most popular stores in Winters. Whether looking for corporate gifts, birthday gifts, or holiday souvenirs – Morgan’s truly has something for everyone. They also feature in-store discounts, promotional specials, and even free shipping on items that must be ordered.

Winters is a great place to work and raise a family in. With down-home appeal and a countryside essence, the city is perfect for families, couples and singles. For more information, contact the Winters City Hall or check the Web today.