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Founded in 1870 by Rev. Lemuel Webber Westminster, CA is a Presbyterian temperance colony and falls under the Presbyterian faith. In the earlier years of the city the community was so religious that they refused to pant grapes because they associated it with alcohol and that was a big sin at that time. The cities original name was “Tri City” because it consisted of three cities named Westminster, Barber City and Midway City. One city refused to be incorporated, Midway City, and Barber City was the only one left to be absorbed into Westminster City. The city was incorporated in 1957. In the 1980’s a large amount of Vietnamese refugees immigrated to the city and sins then the area where they are located are called “Little Saigon”. The 1.5 mile stretch of Bolsa Avenue is where the refugees have their shops and restaurants and the city officials have designated this stretch as an official tourist attraction. From 1930 to 1933 the community tried to stay afloat due to the depression years and the earthquake that hit Long Beach as well. The city also had it part in World War II when some of the orange and lima bean fields were used to build factories for air crafts and shipyards by the west. The first mall was built in 1970 and the cities motto is “The City of Progress Built on Pride”.

Education/Real Estate

The city is served by four school districts that have parts of boundaries in Westminster, CA. The districts are the Westminster School District, Huntingdon Beach Union High School District, Garden Grove Unified School District and Ocean View School District. Some of the schools that you will find in these districts are Schmitt Elementary, Warner Middle, Anderson Elementary, and Land School for child development and student services, Stacey Middle and Hayden Elementary. There are more schools in the district. These schools are some of the best that you will find and the Land School is for children with special needs so they have a special program for those children.

Because there are such a variety of shops in Westminster, CA people love to buy homes here because everything is so near to each other. You don’t have to travel far to get to the shops or to drop your children of at school. House prices start from $ 490,000 and can go up to $ 790,000. Most of the houses that you will find here have sparkling pools where you can relax after a hard day at work and school. The real estate agents in the city will help you to find the home that will suit your needs and they will give you tips on where to buy at the prices that you can afford. Almost every home has an authentic fireplace so you can relax in the front of the fire at night. Some of the homes have spectacular ocean views that are not always easy to find.

Historic Places/Things to Do

Blakey Historical Park and Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of Westminster, CA then you need to visit the Blakey Historical Park and Museum. They have a variety of exhibits that you can visit to learn more about the history. In the park you will find the following exhibits:

The McCoy Hare House

The McCoy Hare House was built in 1874 by Dr. James McCoy who was the first physician in the community. His sister Martha worked in the store till the early 1900’s where she helped customers. When going on a guided tour through the house you will see pictures of James McCoy and his sister, glass medicine bottles of that time that was used for medicine. There are still tin cans that hold Teapineol, Potassium Alum and Aspirin as well as other medicines. You will also have the opportunity to see a scrapbook with prescriptions from that time. The house later became the residents of a blacksmith named Orel and of course the famous Marie Hare a teacher who was honoured to have an intermediate school

The Warne Family Barn and Farmhouse

The Warne Family barn and Farmhouse was erected in 1915 by John Warne. He cam from England and married his wife Sarah and they had three children. John Warne worked as a miner and farmer in those years. When you visit their house you will be taken back to the time when they lived without water and electricity. In the house you will see original items like the iron stove, their antique bed, curling iron, chamber pot, a Victor music box and photos of the family. Their barn will teach children that eggs does not originate from the stores as there is a life Rhode Island Red Chicken that lay eggs. The barn with its high ceilings was used to house horses and cattle now have original vehicles like a 1905 Buggy, 1939 GM Fire truck and other vintage vehicles.

The Blakey Historical Park and Museum are visited by hundreds of people every year and they have a lot of schools that come here to show children how the life was for people from the 1900’s. Here you will experience the history of Westminster, CA in the old days.

Little Saigon

Little Saigon is the biggest attraction in Westminster, CA with all its wonderful Vietnamese Refugee stores and restaurants. There are more than 189,000 Vietnamese citizens that live here and they serve the community and tourists with their wonderful culture and cuisine. In Little Saigon you can enjoy food, drinks, shops and entertainment and you can learn more about their existence. They offer a night market during the summer times and they have an Asian Garden Mall that you can enjoy as well. They also have the First Vietnamese American Bank to serve the co-ethnic clientele that resides there. This is a wonderful place if you want to go outdoors and experience some other culture. You will be amazed by the diversity of foods that they offer to the public and you will get lost in all the clothing shops that they have. Here you will really have a blast and feel like if you are in another country.