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Walnut City is one of the cities found on the eastern side of Los Angeles in the county of California. This city that measures a total area of 23.30 square kilometers was incorporated on the 19th of January 1959. Water covers about 0.04 percent of the total area of the city, with an elevation of 171 meters.

Walnut has a population of approximately 30,237 with about 8,908 number of housing units. This city had grown from way back when it was incorporated and currently has a medium household income of 91,364 US dollars.

Walnut got its name from a Mexican land grant known as Rancho Los Nogales, where Nogales stands for walnut trees. Since its incorporation in the year 1959, Walnut City has ben governed by a city council type of administration. The city council consists of five members who are elected by the residents after a certain period of time. 

Where Is Walnut, CA Found?

Walnut city is found on the San Jose Hills southern slopes and borders Pomona on the east side and West Covina to the west and north. It also borders the City of Industry and Diamond Bar to the south. The southern side of Walnut city has several tiny creeks running through it. Some of these creeks are the Lemon Creek, and the Snow Creek.

The Economy of Walnut, CA

Walnut, California has a job growth of 1.37 percent and an unemployment rate of 3.70 percent. Economists in this city have predicted a future growth of job in the next ten years to be somewhere around 39.04 percent.

The economy of this great city has been growing rapidly with time. This is attributed to the presence of some global companies that have their headquarters in this city. Some of the world renowned companies that operate from this city are Bushiroad, which is a Japanese card game firm; Viva Video Inc., which is owned by the Filipino home video company; and Shea Homes.

The median home value for Walnut, CA currently stands at 664.662 US dollars, while $106,996 is the average income for all households in the city. The income tax for Walnut City is currently at 8.00 percent while the sales tax stands at 9.00 percent. This shows a good growth for the economy of the city.

The income per capita for all adults and children living in Walnut, California is $35,064. The growth of employment in this city is at 1.37 percent, which almost reaches the 1.59 percent of the entire United States of America.

Among all the firms operating in Walnut city, office, sales and administrative support seem to be leading the pack with 29.65 percent.  Finance, business, and management companies also seem to be fairing on well in this city with 18.83 percent of total job opportunities in the entire economy. It is closely followed by technology and healthcare practitioners’ organizations that constitute about 12.25 percent of all job populations in the city. Fishing, farming, and forestry have the lowest percentage of the entire city’s job population.

Generally, the cost of living in Walnut, CA is 94.80 percent higher when compared to the average of that of the US. About 6.2 percent of residents of this great city in California are living below the federal poverty line.

Education In This City

The schools that are within Walnut CA spend about 9,533 US dollars per student. One teacher takes care of 26,000 pupils. There are enough libraries in the entire city, and this explains why the growth of education sector has been moving rapidly.

One counselor in Walnut city takes care of about 471 children. 31.4 percent of the youths who are over 25 years of age have at least graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. 9.0 percent of youths in that age group hold Master’s degree, while those who have studied past master’s degree are at 3.5 percent of the population.

The health sector in this city has not been left behind either. The city has about 211 physicians that take care of 100,000 residents. This is a good move given the fact that the United States has an average of 210.

The quality of air is 52 when placed on a scale of 100. This shows that the risk of cancer and other respiratory illnesses have been reduced a great deal. It is, therefore, a safe place to stay at. The city is generally clean, and the council has allocated many funds to ensure that the cleanliness is maintained.

Pomona Health Center operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services ensures that all residents receive timely health care.

Walnut, CA has different ethnic groups residing within it, with the African Americans representing about 3 percent of the total population. The Asian seems to be in the highest numbers here, with about 64 percent of the total population belonging to them. They are followed by the Non-Hispanic or Caucasians who represent 24 percent of the entire population.

Six percent of the population is represented by the Hispanic while there is another 6 percent of a mixed group. There are a lot of things you can do in Walnut, CA, both as a visitor and a regular resident.

For the lovers of arts, Cindy’s Arts on 1569 Fairway Drive is the place to be. This is the home for art galleries and antiques mainly from the Asian origin. You will see beautiful carvings, sculptures, and other artistic stuff.

For those who have never tried VR in their entire life, Walnut, California has some of the best spots where you can try VR gaming. Go VR Gaming is located on 400 W Disney Way in Anaheim, Walnut.

You can also decide to take a nature walk and see the beauty of this place. Round 1 Puente Hills is one of the areas that you should consider visiting. There are a variety of beautiful things that you will be able to see in this place.

Walnut, California is one of the best places you can visit and even stay at.