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The city of Walnut Creek is found in Contra Costa County, in the state of California, United States of America. It is in the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is also situated about 16 miles east of Oakland and 24 miles east of San Francisco. It neighbors communities that include Danville (to the south), Lafayette (to the west), and Pleasant Hill, which is located on the northern side. Some of the great highways that serve this great city include California State Highways and Interstate 1-680.

Brief history of the great Walnut Creek, Californian

Before it adopted the name Walnut Creek, the city was formerly referred to as The Corners. This name originated about the convergence of roads that were leading from its west and north. Spanish explorers arrived in that region in the late 1770s and the early 1800s, and the area then became part of a Mexican land grant. The first settler in the city was known as William Slusher, and he came in 1849 and built a home that was called Nuts Creek.

The name Nuts Creek was briefly used to refer to the city before officially getting its current name in 1862, the same year when the first post office in the entire United States of America was established. Walnut Creek was incorporated in the year 1914, and the name Walnut Creek was arrived at due to its popularity of network of creeks and sufficient walnut groves.

The city went through a steady growth period as from the beginning of the mid 20th century. In the recent years, it has initiated various life projects that have brought in so much gradual transformation from the old quiet suburb to a city that is currently bustling with much. As of today, Walnut Creek enjoys the full status of a much vibrant cultural and shopping hub that serves many communities found on the east side of San Francisco.

The growth of Walnut Creek began with the arrival of Southern Pacific railroad service in the year 1891. The town and its surrounding area of 2.0 square meters were incorporated and recognized as the eighth city in the county of Contra Costa by October 21st, 1914. This was a landmark achievement given the benefits that the new status meant to the residents. Until the late 1970s, the Southern Pacific railroad branch line ran through the great city of Walnut Creek, California. In 1951, a major economic hub was officially opened in the region. This was the downtown Broadway Shopping Center, which became the first major retail center in the entire county of Contra Costa. The opening of this great commercial hub made the city to pick up in a new direction, and its population really grew. The shopping center has since changed its name and is currently referred to as Broadway Plaza.


Walnut Creek city has C1 census class code, which shows that it is an active incorporated place that does not serve as an equivalent county subdivision. The city also has Functional Status Code of A, and this recognizes it as an active and working government that offers all the basic general functions of a government.

Walnut Creek Demographics

According to the recent census carried out in the city, Walnut Creek currently has a population of 85,106 people. The male share of this population stands at 46.3 percent while the female share is at 53.7 percent. The employed population for those who have attained sixteen years and above is 29,875. Comparing this to a population that the city had about five years ago, there is a tremendous growth that can be seen. The racial makeup of Walnut Creek city back then was 78.7 percent, white people, which is the leading race in the city, and 1.6 percent of African-American. Pacific Islanders and Native Americans have the smallest population amongst those living in Walnut Creek. They both share 0.2 percent of the total population. It has also been indicated that about 98.4 percent of the total population of Walnut Creek residents live in households, while about 0.3 percent reside in a non-institutionalized group quarters. Only 1.3 percent of the population is institutionalized.

The current total number of households in the city is 39,491, while the total family households are 21,565. Households with children constitute about 8,586, while households without children have a huge number of 30,906. There are also about 17,962 non-family households in Walnut Creek. This demographics makes the average people per household be 2.12.Since the year 2000, there has been 4.1 percent change in the total population, while from the year 2010; the total percent change in population has been 3.1 percent. The female population of Walnut Creek currently stands at 45,228, whereas the male population is currently at 39,877, making the median age to be 47.50.

In Walnut Creek, white-collar jobs constitute about 70.1 percent (2,589) while the blue collar ones are at 29.9 percent (1,103). On the marital status of the residents of the great city of Walnut Creek, 18,175 have never been to any form of marriage, while those who are currently in a marriage relationship are 34,866. There are also 5,731 people who have been divorced and 2,772 people widowed. 2,319 have also been separated from their previous relationships.

The economy of the city

Walnut Creek has one of the most robust economies in the whole region of California. Several companies have created employment in the region enhancing economic growth. Some of the big companies that are found in Walnut Creek include Central Garden & Pet, which are the manufacturers of Amdro, AvoDerm, Kaytee and others. There are also other companies like CSE Insurance Group, PMI Group, and Carollo Engineers. The average income of those who are below 25 years of age is $46,595, while the medium income for those who are over 65 years old is $73,734. The average household total expenditure is $75,245, and the sales tax rate is 8 percent.

Culture and Recreation in Walnut Creek

Dean Lesher Regional Center for Arts that was officially opened in 1992 is one of the best places you can visit to enjoy Walnut Creek culture. It is a 72,000 square feet venue that has three theaters, an art gallery, and a classroom. You will be able to meet various performing art groups like the California Symphony. For those who adore visual arts, Bedford Gallery is the place to be if you are within Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek also has some nice museums, and one of them is the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, which usually features various stage presentations. It also gives the visitors an opportunity to interact freely with live animals.

Walnut Creek holds great annual events like the Walnut Festival, which happens in the month of September and features activities like tennis tournaments, foot race, a big parade, and others. Some of the great restaurants and hotels in Walnut Creek, CA include the following, Walnut Creek Marriott, Renaissance ClubSport Walnut Creek Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Walnut Creek, and Embassy Suites by Hilton Walnut Creek. Others include Holiday Inn Express Walnut Creek and Diablo Mountain Inn. Enjoy your stay in Walnut Creek, CA with the best culture and world-class recreational centers.