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According to one reviewer on, “I live in Los Angeles and travel to nearby Torrance, CA quite often. Because Torrance is on the beach, winter months are not as cold as inland areas, and summers are mild, with less hot weather than inland areas. In regards to climate, these moderate and comfortable year-round temperatures make Torrance an ideal location to visit or live during any season of the year. Retirement homes in Torrance are scattered densely throughout the city, also making this a popular place for seniors. Every time I have traveled there, the people I encounter seem to be friendlier, which is also a rarity in this part of Southern California. People considering where to move in the Los Angeles metro area should research and visit Torrance. The cost of living is moderate, jobs are still available in various places, and the surroundings are picturesque and charming. Overall, Torrance is a great city. There is one downfall and that is the quality of some streets, which are full of pot-holes. When driving through certain areas of the city, especially near several of the factories, travelers should be careful, as some holes are deep.”

So where is Torrance and what makes it so special? Torrance is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles County and has a population of about 145,000 people. What makes it unique is its exquisite beaches – it has 1.5 miles of beach on the Pacific and the moderate weather means that you can visit them year round. Torrance is also unique because it has warm and friendly people. They are neighborly and you will never feel alone. Although there is a large population of seniors it is also the perfect place to raise a young family.

Thousands of years ago the area where Torrance now stands was occupied by the Tongva Indians. In 1784, the Spanish, who were issuing land grants all over California at this time passed it on to Juan Jose Dominguez. He used it to ranch and it changed hands a few times before in the early 1900s residential developments started taking over. According to Wikipedia “In the early 1900s, real estate developer Jared Sidney Torrance and other investors saw the value of creating a mixed industrial-residential community south of Los Angeles. They purchased part of an old Spanish land grant and hired landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. to design a new planned community.[15] The resulting town was founded in October 1912 and named after Mr. Torrance. The city of Torrance was formally incorporated in May 1921.”

The residents were mostly immigrants of mixed races and they included Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Mexican-American, Hispanic and Latino. Today, about 50% of Torrance residents are white, with Asians, African Americans, Native Americans as well as a few other races. The city is mainly a family town, with about a half of the people there actively bringing up families.

The cost of living in Torrance is 22% higher than the California average, while the median household income 27% higher than the average. It is also a safe city – crime is 32% lower than the state average. Torrance has a good school district and high school graduation rates are 16% higher than the state average. Homes in Torrance are expensive, however – they cost 68% higher than the average in the state of California. A 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house will cost you about $850,000, while a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom will cost you about $350,000. That said, the sense of wellbeing and safety that comes with living in this community makes high home values worth it.

The economy in Torrance is supported mainly by foreign companies such as All Nippon Airways, Aurora Publishing, Ohzora Publishing, Toyota Motor Sales and many Japanese companies. Businesses choose this location because of access – not only can they use local highways to transport goods, LAX is also close by.

The city is also proud of its art and culture and hosts events such as the Armed Forces Day. It participates in the Rose Parade. Wikipedia describes the events of 2010: “In the 2010 Rose Parade, City of Torrance’s entry won the top Lathrop K. Leishman trophy for its Garden of Dreams float, judged as the “Most Beautiful Non-Commercial” float. In 2011, Torrance won the Tournament Volunteers’ Trophy for best floral design of parade theme under 35 feet in length. In 2012, the city’s entry won the Governor’s Trophy for best depiction of life in California. In 2015, an entry honoring Rose Parade Grand Marshal Louis Zamperini won the Theme trophy for excellence in presenting parade theme. In 2016, the City of Torrance float won the Princess trophy for most beautiful float 35 feet and under.” Visitors will also enjoy visits to Torrance Cultural Arts Center, The Aerospace Players, Torrance Art Museum, Los Cancioneros Master Chorale, South Bay Ballet, South Bay Conservatory, and The Torrance Symphony.

If you are heading for a day out in Torrance you can start at the beaches – the weather allows you to visit them any time of year. Once you have soaked in some sun you can head off to any of 30 parks around the city. There is a lot to do there – Wilson Park, for example, has a gym, a picnic spot, a skate park and a roller-hockey rink. If you want a lesson in old railroads you can head to the Charles H. Wilson Park where you will see the Southern California Live Steamers Miniature Railroad. There are 10 breweries in the area that offer tours to visitors and you can also buy small amounts of expertly crafted beer to take home. Shopping is a major distraction for Torrance residents and the city boasts 2.7 million square feet of retail space. Eating in Torrance is always a treat – there are more than 400 different restaurants that you can choose from.