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Stockton was started in 1849 by Captain Charles Weber. This was after his acquisition of Rancho Campo de los Franceses. It became the first community in California not to have a Native American or Spanish name. The city itself was named after Robert F. Stockton. The city was built during the gold rush and serves as a gateway to the Central Valley and beyond the area. Its success and ability to thrive were due to its ability to provide easy access to trade and transportation to the gold mines on the southern side. It is amazingly also the location of the oldest University in California. This is the University of the Pacific which was established in 1923. It also boasts of having the first Sikh temple in the United States which was opened in 1912. It is located on the San Joaquin River on the northern side of San Joaquin Valley. It is the 13th largest city in California and 63rd in the United States. Boasting of a population of an estimated 315, 592 as of 2016. It is a city proud of its American heritage having being named an All-American city thrice. In 1999, 2004 and again in 2015. During the 2008 financial crisis, Stockton became the second largest city in America to file for bankruptcy protection. The city however successfully came out of bankruptcy in 2015 February.

Points of interest

Although today Stockton has diversified is economy it was mainly an agricultural community. Today however other industries like telecommunication and manufacturing have made the city their regional operations home. This is mostly as a result of its central location which is about both Sacramento and San Francisco. Their proximity to the state and interstate freeway system combined with inexpensive land costs when compared to other areas around it have been the result of these companies moving their operations to the city.

Stockton has so much to offer. The history buffs, the theater lovers and so much more here for everyone. The Bob Hope theater, for instance, is on the National Register of Historical Places. It seats a total of 2,042 people. Having been recently completely refurbished its seats are all red velvet and the sound system is state-of-the-art. It has many fantastic shows that range from dance shows to classic movies that you can enjoy. With a mosaic marble floor all through the 1,200 square feet of lobby space, it is quite a stunning building to be in and experience its history.

For a fun family activity, you can visit the Stockton Children’s Museum. Created by Janet Geng a teacher who was victim to the tragic 1989 Cleveland School shooting, she used that experience as inspiration to establish a safe place where children can play. The museum is very interactive. Children engage with the exhibits and learn at the same time. Kidsworld is a unique exhibition. It is a kid miniature city that covers 22,000 square feet. It has its post office, grocery stores, and banks. It is a nice place to visit and have fun with your kids. They will enjoy it.

For the fine art lovers, you are in luck. The San Joaquin Delta College has a Delta Center for the Arts. It always amazes with its events which are always amazing. It hosts classical music performances, dance productions. The Stockton Symphony Association mostly performs classical music here, and their shows are fantastic, to say the least. For the fine art lovers, you will be guaranteed a good time here. A lot of the shows feature students as the Center is the art of the Fine Arts Division of the San Joaquin Delta College. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the budding talent on stage? The ticket prices are always affordable. The Haggin Museum is also another location to make sure to visit for art and local history. The museum is located at the Victory Park in Stockton. Opened in 1931, it is divided into three levels. Out of the 240 art pieces donated by Louis Terah Haggin, 75 are open for viewing by the public at any one time. It also has illuminated manuscripts, paintings by American illustrators and Japanese woodblock prints. Its rich agricultural and industrial history has also been represented with the addition of the Holt Wing. Here you will find a Holt tractor which is a restored combine harvester. It is an amazing way to show the city heritage. It is just one of the many displays of its history.

The city embraces and accepts different cultures as seen in its Japanese Garden at Micke Grove Park. The garden was created by Duke Yoshimura in 1959 after returning home from World War two. With 60 Kwanzan flowering cherry trees on the outside of the garden circling five Akinobo cherry trees that are in the middle. It is the type of scenery that makes you forget about your troubles and relax. An angle bridge is also found here. According to Chinese belief, evil spirits can only travel in low straight lines so they can’t cross the bridge. This embrace of culture is quite welcoming. There is also a five-story pagoda in the garden.

The Wat Dharmararam is a Cambodian Buddhist temple in Stockton. With its large colorful statues which are more than 90, you have never felt smaller until you see them in person. The statues narrate the story of the Cambodian Buddha, and in one part of the temple, you can see a fifty foot long statue of Buddha. The temple is active so proper dressing to respect their religious beliefs is required.

For the kids, a 6,200 square foot arena is available to run around in. This comes in the form of Zap Zone. For the laser tag lovers, you will have fun. It is known as the best location for birthdays in San Joaquin. If that isn’t a good time guaranteed stamp, I don’t know what is. With food available on the site you will have no reason to leave. The pizza here is something you must try. Zap Zone also hosts tournaments on a regular basis.

Stockton has an abundance of shopping choices as well. With its friendly people, it is always a fun place to shop. The malls offer wide ranges of options with shops always being able to amaze with their good quality products. The Weberstown Mall, Miracle Mile, Crossroads Mall, Lincoln Center and so much more are but a few of the places you can get your errands done conveniently. You will be split for choice most of the time. Farmers markets in and around the city always offer fresh produce so you can enjoy healthy meals. Bookstores, Thrift and gift shops, Antique shops everyone will find something they like in Stockton.

Music, good food, and a beer. That is what makes a great night. Especially when you are drinking a locally brewed beer that is great. Valley Brew which is brewed in Stockton was a local favorite until the prohibition era. In 1994 the Valley Brewing Company was revived, but it has changed ownership severally over the years. Stockton has a broad range of food cultures with Italian restaurants, Chinese, and Japanese, Mexican and seafood delicacies making the city their home. Steakhouses are also available as it is still an American city. Whether you are visiting or relocating here, you are assured of a vibrant city that is ready to welcome you.