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Being a residential, commercial and industrial city, El Monte CA id situated between the Rio Hondo River and the San Gabriel River and has an estimated population of 115,807 people. The name El Monte means “the mountain” or “the Mount”. Between the years 1770 and 1830 Spanish missionaries and soldiers stopped here to get refreshed. Residents of El Monte say that this is the city where everything grows and the city is an estimated four mile wide and seven miles long. In 1912 El Monte was incorporated as a municipality and became the city of new deals in the 1930’s. El Monte has some historical parks and other place of interest that you can visit when you are in the area.

Triple B Clays

One of the most popular and most visited places in El Monte CA is Triple B Clays.  Here you will have the chance to experience some clay shooting. They have different field to choose from and you can make new friends with the same interests that you have. They have the “Trap” course where you will find ten voice activated target launchers trap fields. There are paved walkways on the grass to use.  There are 9 skeet fields, 25 stations for sporting clays, a 5-stand with eight traps and an Olympic bunker. If you love clay shooting or want to try your hand at it this is the place to go. The have course for beginners as well as intermediate courses. The price of each course varies.

Silver Dollar Saloon

The silver dollar saloon is also a very popular hangout place in El Monte. From the outside it does not look like much but once you are inside you entire perception will change. Inside you will be able to play darts or pool. You can get something to eat and have some beer to enjoy with your food. The restrooms are very nice and the staff will help you with a big smile. This is the perfect place for friends to hang out on a weekend when they would like to have some fun and challenge one another to a round of pool or darts.

Tony Arceo Memorial Park

The park has been named after a former police officer of El Monte Tony Arceo. The park was established to honour those brave men and woman of El Monte who gave their lives to serve and protect. The park has a band shell where they have live concerts. There are also picnic table, playgrounds for kids and path ways for runners. They also have yoga classes and dog trails. Be sure to pick after your dog when walking in the park.

El Monte Historical Society

If you are interested in the history of El Monte then you need to visit the El Monte Historical Society. Here you will be able to learn from the past in the means of photographs, documentation and the friendly docents that will be eager to share they knowledge about El Monte with you. Many people visit the society every year and the information that they receive is of much value. Here you will learn everything from where the name El Monte came from, what it means and the people that farmed in the area. You will not be disappointed when you leave the society because of all the information that you have learned here.

Barnes Park

If you want to have a day outside with your family and friends then you need to take them to the Barnes Park. Here you will find picnic tables to have a picnic, a splash pad for the children and for adults when they want to remember their childhood, a basketball court for those who want some exercise or who just want to shoot some hoops with family and friends. You will also find an amphitheatre where the community can have some live entertainment from time to time. There are also other activities that you can participate in at the Barnes Park. This is a place for the families that would like to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Rio Hondo River Trail

If you love hiking in the nature and learn some history at the same time then you need to visit Rio Hondo River Trail. The trail is open all year round and is used by hikers and bikers. You will sea river views and for bird lovers there are a few different bird species to have a look at. The multi path of the trail goes through the Sun Gabriel Valley and you will learn some history of the Spanish settlement that where located here many years ago. The trail starts at the reservoir at the Peck Road Water Conservation centre. This trail is very popular to residents and visitors and you will be amazed by the view of nature.

Gibson Mariposa Park

The Gibson Mariposa Park is situated on 4.5 acres of land where everyone can have a day filled with fun. The Butterfly themed park has water splash pads, basketball courts, picnic areas, playgrounds and a small amphitheatre. Families can come together here for a day of picnic and fun in the sun. The smaller children can enjoy themselves on the splash pad or in the playground. Rules are that all small children should be supervised when playing on the splash pad or on the playground. For the older children and adults there are a basketball court where they can shoot some hoops or play a game of basketball to show of their skills to each other. This is the best place for dads and sons to have some quality time together shooting some hoops. There are also other activities that the park offers for children and educational programs for them to join as well. There are also a small amphitheatre, where live concerts are held from time to time. These concerts are held by the community to raise money for certain charities to help them to flourish and to help others. The Gibson Mariposa Park is there to help families to learn how to spend quality time with each other and how to have fun together and to make new friends.