Solar Videos

At Citadel, we want to share resources that will help you decide whether solar panels are the right choice for you. Our President, Dieter Folk puts it best:

"We aim to provide you this information without any pressure or gimmicks."


We created these videos to answer the most common questions we hear regarding solar power roof panels. You can view any video on this page without further obligation. If you would like additional information or a free estimate, feel free to contact us.


We answer some of our most frequently asked questions in our videos. Watch below to learn more.

How Solar Works

Let us help you get energy from 92 million miles away!

Green Light Installation

3 simple steps for solar install

Our Exclusive Solar Patio

(and other ways we make solar cool)

A Smarter Check

How solar billing really works

Solar Tax Credit

Save thousands thanks to Uncle Sam; see how it works!

Effortless Maintenance

Light on upkeep, heavy on efficiency

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us - we're happy to be your solar resource!