Solar Patios


If you have become a homeowner in the past 15 years, chances are you’ve heard about the many ways to improve your homes efficiency, value and aesthetics. The most popular of those options being solar powered energy. We’ve asked our customers through the years what their primary motivation was for going solar and the response from most customers was that they wanted to be energy independent and put added value into the home, real benefits you can use on a daily basis.


When residential solar energy first emerged, much like everything else when it first comes out, it was on the more expensive side and could only be accessed by wealthy homeowners or those who lived off the grid and absolutely needed the technology. Nowadays, The panels are made at a higher quality and are available to our customers at a more affordable price.


Just like any other homeowner, you like to relax on the back patio with your friends and family. Unfortunately, having guests over uses a lot of energy. This can pose a problem when it comes time to pay the energy bill. Thankfully with solar energy independence you can have your guests over for as long as you’d like with no worrying about high priced electric bills.


We all know solar energy is the solution but did you know that our solar energy solutions can be installed right above your head?! We’re talking about a patio covering made exclusively from solar panels. Our designs are eye-catching and will make your backyard pop. Our engineers have designed many patios and yours can be next. The best part? It powers your home.

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