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Signal Hill CA got its name from the hill that it is located on and the city is completed surrounded by Long Beach. There are an estimated 11,649 people living in Signal Hill. The hill that the city is located on is 365 feet above the surrounding Long Beach. The hill was used by Indians to signal fires and these fires could be seen from anywhere in the surrounding areas. Oil was discovered in Signal Hill on 23 June 1921 and the gusher rose 114 feet into the air. Signal hill was covered with oil derricks and more than 100 could be seen on the oil fields. Because of all the oil derricks the oil field was nick named “Porcupine Hill”. Signal Hill elected Mrs. Jessie Nelson as their first major and she was also the first female major of California. Because Signal Hill CA is surrounded by Long Beach you will have a few things to do when you are in the area.

Ghost Hunting On a Ship

If you are a fan of “Ghost Hunter” then you will definitely want to go ghost hunting on a ship.  Every Halloween you will have the chance to go ghost hunting on the Queen Mary. To make it more interesting it is said that you must a have a drink or two in the bar first before you take on the mazes of the ship. You will also be able to see the creepy empty swimming pool. Don’t forget to take a friend or two with you to make sure that the ghost hunting expedition is a fun filled adventure.

Sunnyside Cemetery Movie Night

Yes that’s right, Movie night in the Sunnyside Cemetery. A few years ago the Long Beach Cinematheque started hosting moving screening night in the cemetery. You can take a blanket, your family and have a movie night experience that you will never forget. It has become very popular for people to have movie night in the cemetery between all the dead. This is a way to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

First Fridays

First Fridays of every month you will get an art walk between North Long Beach and downtown. Streets are filled with people and every available wall will be covered with art. In front of every store a band will be playing for everyone entertainment. You will then also get great specials at local bars and restaurants to enjoy some cuisine and drinks.

Hilltop Park

Hilltop Park is one of the places to see. Here you will find untouched nature where people can have picnics or join a yoga class. Hilltop Park is the most well known park in Signal Hill and it will provide stimulation for every battered soul. Here you will be able to enjoy the most amazing view and sunset, meet people and just relax with your own thoughts.

Signal Hill Trails

If you love the nature then you need to head up to Signal Hill and do one of the hiking trails. Signal Hill was once covered with oil but now you can enjoy the nature that has been given back to the people. There are more than one trail that you can choose from and to enjoy. While doing a trail you will be able to get sights of Catalina Island, Downtown LA and Orange County. This will be amazed by the scenery and the fresh air that will make you feel young again.

Get to the Aquarium

Weekends will never be boring again if you take your family to the aquarium. There are more than 11,000 species of fish, penguins and a new jelly fish exhibit. Here you will be able to pet the jelly fish and learn more about them. There are lots to see in the aquarium and your family will love you for bringing them here. You will learn about the wonders of the sea and all its creatures that one will never really see. This can make for a fun filled family day.

Check out the Restaurants and Bars

If you need a night out in town then you can check out the local bars and restaurants.  Most of the bars have drag shows and you will see drag queens on every corner. They are there to give you a night filled with laughter. The local restaurants will amaze you with all their diversity of cuisines and you can order what ever you want. You a pool completion in one of the bars and have a snack while playing. You can also try one of the famous root beer schnapps at Shannon’s. This will be an experience that you will never forget.

Gay Pride Parade

Once every year you will have the chance to join in the festivities of the Gay Pride Parade. Everyone joins in the fun, from your local businesses, schools, charities and even the major who happens to be gay as well. This parade is there to make people aware of other cultures in society and to raise money for local charities. The parade is one of the biggest events of the year and you will be amazed on how many people join’s the fun and activities. After the parade you can hit the local bars for shows, drinks and competitions and dance the night away until early morning hours.

Sunday Breakfast

If you don’t want to make food on a Sunday morning then you can go to one of the many breakfast only restaurants. They will give you multiple breakfasts to choose from that will make sure you don’t want to eat another bite. These breakfast only restaurants are very popular and if you are not there early you will have to stand in an outside queue until they have a place for you to sit. People come from all over just to experience the breakfast only restaurants. They say that when there is not a line outside a restaurant the restaurant is no good. The best places always have a line outside. So you better get in that line and wait until it is your turn to get the best breakfast that you have ever had in your life.