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Only 18 miles of the Pacific Ocean you will get the town Santee which is only a suburb of San Diego. With an estimated population of 57,834 people the town have lots to offer to residents and visitors.  Situated on the shores of the largest fresh water lake, Lake Marion, fishermen will find it as the fisherman’s paradise with competitions and a view that will take your breath away. Santee is also a paradise for golf players with three golf courses the golf players will have a day full of balls.

Music festival

The residents and visitors of Santee will head to the Town Centre community Park every Thursday for ten weeks from June to August for the Summer Concert Series. At the concert people can listen to a diversity of music like Music from the summer of 1969, Country, Vintage classic rock and an Elvis tribute by James Kruk and The Big Boss Men. Every week food trucks will show up to make sure that the concert fans does not go without food. In mid September right after the Summer Concert Series the Santee Bluegrass Festival will start. Here the people can enjoy samples of beer, food and wine while listening to live music entertainment.

Santee Lakes

The Padre Dam municipal water districts build seven manmade lakes which is 190 acres big.  Five of the seven lakes are opened for day use where fishermen can fish for Bluegill and Bass and sometimes they will have the luck of catching some Catfish and Rainbow Trout. Camping and boating are also very popular attractions at the lakes and makes it one of the best family gathering venues. At the park general store you can rent kayaks, pedal boats and canoes for half an hour or an hour to take a trip on the water. If you want to make it a fun filled weekend you can rent a full furnished cabin or a campsite where you can spend quality with family and friends. Although you have to a fee for parked cars entrance is free. The lakes have cleaned waste water and it is safe to be in.

Carlton Oaks Golf Course

If you are a golf player you will definitely want to take a swing on the Carlton Oaks Golf Course. The Carlton Oaks have Asian inspired accommodation for rent and a restaurant that have upper class food to serve. During the week the price for golfing is cheaper than on weekends and it include cart rentals. The 18-hole course was designed by Pro Golfer Pete Dye’s son who makes it very popular because Pete Dye is in the World Golf Hall of Fame. Here you will be able to enjoy some time with your friends and enjoy the scenery that the courses have to offer.

Santee Drive in Theatre

If you love the movies then you need to take your family to the Santee drive in theatre. There are two large screens that you can enjoy and each of the screens work on different FM radio frequencies. You will be able to watch the latest movie blockbusters from inside your car under a starry night. The drive in theatre is open 7 days a week all year round so there is no excuse to enjoy a movie outdoors in your car. Children under the age of 12 will pay cheaper than adults and children under 4 have free admission. Treat your family and friends to a movie where you can all enjoy the comfort of the car and spend some quality time together.

Edgemoor Barn

The Edgemoor Barn was built on 19 July 1913 by John H. Dupee who was High Society millionaire. The barn was build exclusively for his prize winning bulls as well as for dairy operations. Although the architect of the barn is unknown it is one of the most well known landmarks of the city. Minor alterations were done to the barn since 1913. In 1955 the county converted the barn from an active life stock barn to a storage barn. The barn is the last structure of the Dupee generations and the state will preserve it for generations to come. This is a site that you need to visit to understand the history of Santee more and where everything has started.

Creations and Earth History Museum

This is the museum that you definitely must visit at some stage. The museum was opened in 1992 by Dr. Henry Morris and his mission with the museum is to provide scientific and scriptural evidence to proof the Bible’s accuracy and authority. At the museum you will find a 10,000 square feet exhibit of the six day creation and about young earth, a tabernacle display that is life size, a human anatomy display and an earth cave display and where it all began. One of the poplar exhibits is the dinosaur exhibit and how they and man had to life together. The museum have an actual Triceratops horn in which they have discovered some soft tissue. This horn is the world’s first discovery of soft tissue. Another exhibit that is very popular is the Human Anatomy Exhibit. Here you will learn about the creation of man, how the body works, different cells in the body and how DNA really works.

To go to the museum you will have to make sure that it will be an entire day filled with interesting fact and evidence. The museum have other exhibits like Days of creation 1-3 heaven and earth, Days of creation 4 sun, light, moon and stars, days of creation 5-7 living creatures and garden genesis, grand canyon Fossils, Fall of man, Ice Age and many more to look at and learn what it all means.

BNS Brewing and Distilling Company

If you like the taste of beer then you need to visit the BNS brewing and distilling company for some beer tasting. Here you will be taken on a tour about where beer comes from and the process of making beer. You will learn what distilling is and how to brew beer. After the tours you will get the chance for some beer tasting and to enjoy some snacks.