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The San Ramon City is located in the Contra Costa County of California USA. The city itself is 34 miles east of San Francisco. San Roman is part of the widely expansive tri-valley communities in the north of California. The area is known for its largely expansive vineyards. San Ramon has had to share this richness with neighboring Livermore valleys.


Formally known as Greensville, lynch Ville and even Limerick. In Spanish, the name San Roman means Saint Raymond. Interestingly the naming had nothing to do with St Raymond Nonnantus, a Catholic cardinal from the 13th century. Instead, the city was named from a humble sheepherder by the same name ‘Ramon.’ Latter, San was added as an honor to align to the Spanish customs and traditions

You can tell people are attracted here from the recent population statistics which show the immigration of 74,000 since 1983. The development of the Bishop Ranch office park in the early 80s and the San Roman Medical Center in 1990 has largely contributed to the rapid growth of the town. Since then, old households were transformed to attractive housing communities

When it comes to business, Bishop Ranch is home to 550 companies in extensive 30 industries. Some of the major corporations that have their presence in Bishop Ranch include Chevron and IBM among others. The office park also constitutes start-up businesses and companies establishing their presence in various markets. At least 30,000 workers enjoy a wide array of amenities the park offers. Among these amenities include ongoing and annual events, business seminars, ease in access to medical care, parks and award winning transportation programs. Retail and lodging are not left behind, the presence of five-star hotels in the area is common.

Points of interest


But wine is not the only reason visitors flock San, Roman, it’s good schools, fine weather, attractive parks and ease access to work are some of the services San Roman has to offer. Regarding recreational facilities, San Marino offers the best entertainment and leisure activities all-around the city.

It’s a much preferable alternative to the crowded and costly wine culture in the Napa and Sonoma valleys. Wine lovers are guaranteed to love the place

Recreation and entertainment

The San Ramon is home to 54 parks and three community centers and two aquatic centers. This is a huge benefit for residents regarding their recreational matters. Apart from that, residents enjoy up to 20 trails within the city. The most famous one is the Iron horse trail which was once right-of-way for the Pacific railroad. There are also three golf courses inside the city.

Regarding culture and arts, San Roman has occasional performances at the Dougherty Valley of performing arts center. The venue boasts of hosting Grammy-award winning musicians as well as top orchestra performance and dance troupes. Community theaters present plays in the same location. Local bands also entertain weekly at the same venue. You will find a lot to entertain you while at San Roman, whether you are into summer concerts, events and performances this is the right place to visit.

If you need to learn more about the city, there are a handful of museums and historic sites to learn. One of the preserved places that conserve the city’s history is the Forest home farm which hosts entertaining events and depicts life as it was at the beginning of the city’s history

Summer evenings are nights not to forget. Especially with friends and family, great music in a picnic like a mode in a breathtaking scenery is what visitors are offered by San Marino. Wine, beer, soda and ice cream in abundance all through the night. Enquire from revelers who attended the 2012 concert which was one of a kind. The upcoming concert will be even better


San Marino is one of a kind place. A short drive leads you to a beach or mountains nearby. The Northern California beautiful beach is one of the must visit places for San roman visitors. Put your worries at rest at the marvel of the beauty of the ocean. These are just some of the many scenic beaches of the north and south if the city ideal for a day trip

The Santa Cruz boardwalk beach is a warm and gentle place for swimming, surfing beach volleyball and all that you can do on a beach. It offers an ideal weather which is warm skies and summer. Come out for a picnic and enjoy the gentle breeze from the ocean. If looking for entertainment and a friendly crowd, you can count on San roman’s residents to offer you the best

That is not the only beach you will find in the city, other beaches common with area residents are the Capitola and the half moon bay beach. They are less crowded than the Santa Cruz but offer additional services such as sunbathing, fishing and picnicking. If you find the whole experience overwhelming, there is a campground to spend the night, and you can enjoy the night view of the brightly painted cottages by the shoreline. The moss landing beach is also another perfect destination for horse riding enthusiasts.


San Roman offers an array of fun spots to die for. Nothing beats the breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and city from the top of Mount Diablo. If you are a hiking enthusiast, this should be a must visit destination for you. You can even meet fellow hikers at nearby resorts year round. Biking, water sport in the summer and skiing is only a few minutes away from your hotel


If you are a looking for peace, quietness and a serene environment to have time alone, San Roman offers an array of choices with modern day spas around the city for massages, facials and hydrotherapy, some of the best services for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Gyms are widely available too, but if you are interested in a different kind of meditation, a yoga class in the city’s exquisite hotels should be perfect.


The local attractions and recreational facilities in the city of San Marino have brought up many boutiques, shopping centers and clothing stores in the city vicinity. Support local designers who design modern attires that reflect the history of the region. You may not find such designs anywhere else. If current trends is your thing, visit the famous honeybee fashions for the latest and trendy seasonal styles

A walk around the city exposes you to shops and stores selling different products among them books, groceries, gift stores, clothing’s, flowers shoes and even jewelry


Food is in plenty in San Ramon restaurants. Enjoy exquisite dinners with a bottle of wine in the wine rich city of California. You don’t have to worry about your budget; San Ramon has various restaurants for all budgets. Applebee neighborhood grill, Ruggles restaurant, and nation’s giant hamburger are some of the best fine diners the city has. All types of foods are available at these restaurants year rounds including freshly grilled steak fajita with pepper.

If you are a fan of Mexican food, then the city is your home away from home. San Roman has a rich Mexican culture emanating from its name and its inhabitants. Among the restaurants are Los Panchos, Casa Orozco, and others

There are a wide array of restaurants offering different foods including Italian, Chinese, Indian and Japanese.