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Ripon, CA is found in the county of San Joaquin, in the Stockton-Lodi metro area. It was named after Ripon, WI. It is exactly 9 miles northwest of Modesto, California and 50 miles northeast of San José, California.

The History

Ripon, California is the southern-most town that is found in the county of San Joaquin and boarders River Stanislaus. Despite its small size, Ripon city has a very rich history.

The first people who settled in this area were known as the Laquisimne from the Yokut tribes. In the year 1772, the first European who was known as Don Pedro Fages came to San Joaquin Valley.

Many people started coming to this city after the discovery of gold, which happened just as the dust from the American- Mexican war began to settle. The invention of gold brought a change in the landscape, and the population of the entire San Joaquin County exploded especially to the untamed west.

A couple of years later some military men and Spanish Franciscan friars started coming into the valley. Originally, the area was called murphy’s Ferry and later had its name changed to Ripon. Before it was renamed as Ripon, it also used other names like Stanislaus city and Stanislaus Station. The name Ripon was obtained from a city in Yorkshire, England. Ripon became incorporated in the year 1945.

Under the name Murphy’s Ferry, the area operated as one of the numerous rivers crossing settlements used by the miners.

The gold rush died by 1871 and many areas converted to their present conditions and places.

The town itself as today known did not actually develop until 1874. It is in this year that one of the locals; Amphias B. Crooks opened his store and for another time, renamed the area after his Wisconsin hometown. The name came with many developments and advances in the town. Some of them were the first post office, which was established in the year 1875. There were also other establishments like the first school, the first hotel, blacksmith, shop and fourteen homes.

Despite that growth and progress, Ripon still used Murphy’s Ferry since it acted as the only way that was used to cross the Stanislaus River. This continued until the year 1885 when a wooden bridge was constructed and bringing much ease to the transportation system. The wooden bridge then replaced the outdated Murphy River that had been used for so many years.

But the wooden bridge didn’t miss its share of disadvantages. It began to attract many users, and it had to be replaced due to the traffic that it caused. In the year 1905, it was replaced with a stronger concrete bridge. The construction of the concrete bridge brought in more organization. Some of the more organized developments that came as a result of the construction of the concrete bridge included the South San Joaquin Irrigation District, the Bank of Ripon, and Ripon High School among others.

By the beginning of the 20th century, Ripon was already a thriving and well-organized community.


The total numbers of people who are staying in Ripon, California are 15,151. In this population, children who are under five years represents about 5.9 percent while those who are between five to seventeen years of age are represented by 23.2 percent. Individuals who fall into 18-24 age brackets seem not to be too many in Ripon. They are represented by only 8.0 percent of the total number of people. Individuals who are between 25 to 34 years of age constitute about 12.1 percent of the total population. There is a good number of those who are between 35-54 age brackets, and they are represented by 27.4 percent of the total population. 10.5 percent of the population is those who are 55 to 64 years. 12.9 percent are those who are 65 years and above.

Ripon, CA has over five races, and the white constitutes a larger percentage of the total population with 88.1 percent. Other ethnic groups that are found here are African American or black who have taken 1.1 percent of the constitution. The Asian community represents 2.7 percent of the total number of people who are here. There seems to be nearly nobody from either Pacific Island or Hawaiian communities. Hispanic or Latino of has 23.6 percent of the population, whereas the Alaska Native and American Indian are about 0.5 percent.

Ripon, California traces its roots to various ancestries. In a list of twenty ancestry groups, German, Dutch, English, Italian, Irish lead in that order.

They have 12.8%, 10.8%, 9.2%, 8.4%, and 6.3% respectively.

English as a language here is spoken by almost everyone in this city (85.5%). Other languages that are spoken here include Spanish (11.5%), Portuguese (0.5%), Chinese (0.4%), among others.

The median household income of the residents of Ripon, CA is $75,420, while the per capita income is $32,213. Those who are living below poverty line in Ripon, CA are about 11.6 percent of the total population.

The Geography

The city of Ripon has a total area of 14.2 square kilometers of which 13.7 square kilometers is dry land, and 0.5 square kilometers is water.

Ripon, CA Education

There are five K-8 elementary schools and one high school by Ripon Unified School District that is situated in the Central Valley. All schools that are found in Ripon city have API scores above 700.

Those who are currently attending colleges are about 7.2 percent while 90.0 percent are high school graduates. The college graduates are about 26.9 percent of the total population.

Some of the best schools that you will be able to find in Ripon, California include Colony Oak Elementary, Ripon Elementary, Harvest High School, Ripon Christian School, and Park view Elementary.

The Economy Of Ripon, CA

Ripon has a very stable economy making it a place where anybody and live and even work at. While employment opportunities mostly play a major role in the reasons why people move, another major indicator of an overall health of the economy is the unemployment rate.

Lower rates of unemployment always mean that a region is better able to attract and retain new retailers, skilled workers, and new industries. The following statistics offer a valuable insight into the health and diversity of the economy of Ripon.

Those who are employed are 92.2 percent of the population, while those who are unemployed are 7.8%.

There are various industries in Ripon that have created job opportunities for the residents and contributed to the growth of the economy. Some of the active jobs in Ripon are provided by the following industries.

Education constitutes 13.9 percent while healthcare has taken about 13.6 % of the economy. Other areas are retail-10.0%, public service-9.6%, construction-8.3% and manufacturing 7.2%.

Restaurants In Ripon, CA

For the lovers of delicious meals, Ripon has some of the best restaurants that can provide you just that.

Some of the best restaurants in this place are Esmeralda Mexican, where you can find delicious housemade tortilla chips, margaritas, and other familiar dishes. There is also Ripon Roadhouse, where you will find coffee and great cocktails. Others are My Thai Cuisine, Esmeralda Mexican Restaurant, Canal Street Grille and many others.