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Rio Vista, CA was originally founded in 1858 as Los Brazos Del Rio, which meant “The arms of the river.” The city of Rio Vista incorporated in the year 1894. It is found on the eastern side of the county of Solano in California, San Francisco Bay Area. The location of the city on the Sacramento River made it a natural river port for general shipping and agriculture. As a point of interest, Rio Vista, CA was a transfer station fort the Pony Express, changing gradually to horse from ship.

Brief History Of Rio Vista, CA

The community of Rio Vista is one of the oldest in the county of Solano and is found at the tip of Solano County. In 1858, Colonel Nathan Davis established the first settlement. The established settlement grew very fast, and the prime industry became fishing. In the beginning, the settlement had its name changed several times including names like Los Brazos Del Rio, Vista del Rio, Winds End and at last, it was renamed Rio Vista by the wife of one postmaster named Charles Kirkpatrick.

A tragic incident occurred in December 1861 when Sacramento River rose, and by 9th January 1862, twelve feet of water from the river covered the Rio Vista settlement wrecking it. However, nobody died in the incident. Following this, almost half of the citizens relocated to other developed communities, and the present Rio Vista was then established in its current location in March 1862. Farming then became the way of life in this town rather than fishing. More immigrants from places like Sweden, Germany, England, Portugal, Canada, and Scotland came in bringing new ideas that were put together to create fertile crops.

Thirty years down the line after the 1862 devastating flood, the community encountered yet another striking disaster. This time a fire broke up in one of the hotels spreading and destroying almost all structures from most streets. The community stood strong and rebuilt from that incident. The town of Rio Vista had its first election after almost two decades of local incorporation debate, and on 30th December 1893, the town was officially incorporated. January 4th, 1968, seventy-five years down the line, the town of Rio Vista was officially upgraded to the status of a city.

The Geography And Climate Of Rio Vista

Rio Vista, CA is estimated to be 100 kilometers northeast side of San Francisco. The city has a total area of 18 square kilometers (7.1 square miles). Water constitutes about 5.68 percent of the total land area, and dry land is about 17 square kilometers. The city’s climate is Csa- warm-summer Mediterranean climate.

Demographics Of Rio Vista

According to the United States Census, Rio Vista has a population of 7,826. The population density according to the census is 1,152 square miles. The racial makeup of Rio Vista as per a research that was carried out in 2010 revealed that the Caucasian still had the highest population in the city. They represent 77.15 percent of the total population. The second regarding population number is the African American who represents 6.02 percent of the total population. The Asian community in the city constitutes 7.23 percent population while Latino and Hispanic constitute about 11.8 percent of the people. Pacific Islander has the lowest number of individuals in the region width only 0.2 percent. Other people who are in the city include Native Hawaiian – 0.34 percent, American Indian – 0.18 percent, mixed race – 3.96 percent and other races with 5.11 percent. Almost everybody in Rio Vista, according to the survey, lives in households.

The city’s total population of 7,826 people places Rio Vista as the second most populated place in the area. The city that has the largest population in the area is Oakley with a population of 38,243 that is approximately 4.9 times bigger than Rio Vista. Comparing the population change of Rio Vista from 2010 to 2015, it is evident that the city has had an increase of about 6 percent (466 people).

Comparing the change in population to the national (United States) average of 2.5 percent, Rio Vista is estimated to be 2.5 times bigger. And in contrast to California state 3.1 percent population change, Rio Vista is about twice as large. Rio Vista has one of the most significant proportions of people who are sixty to sixty-nine years old at about 23 percent of the total and is ranked at position three after Courtland and Bethel Island, which is leading with 28.8 percent. The average size of a typical family in Rio Vista is 2.6, which is actually the sixth in the average size of families out of ten total in the entire area. The city that has the highest family size is Oakley with a size of 49.0 percent larger.

Another interesting demographic information is on the non-citizens living in Rio Vista. The city has the largest proportion of non-citizens who are 18 years old at 100 percent total. It has 46.1 average age of non-citizens and is the second most of all places in the entire area.

The Economy Of Rio Vista

Rio Vista community is a community that is positioned for growth in various areas like retail, residential, industrial and commercial. The city council has one priority that is on economic development and has designed the area to be in a position of offering entrepreneurs, professionals, retailers and companies that have an interest in doing business in the area with a glimpse of what is needed to carry out their businesses in an efficient manner.

Rio Vista is known as a gateway to the Delta and provides scenic beauty, recreation, historic neighborhoods, as well as various resident amenities. It is situated near three major transportation corridors that include Highway 5, Highway 12, and Highway 80. The network of transportation and affordable housing has helped to enhance the attractiveness of Rio Vista to the residents. In 1936, natural gas was discovered in Rio Vista area at the Rio Vista field, which is the largest field for natural gas in the entire state of California. This natural resource lifted the economy of Rio Vista by providing employments to the local and growth to the city’s economy.

There are also other industries in the region that include tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture.

The city also enjoys the services of Rio Vista Municipal Airport and is also located between Lodi and Fairfield along Rio Vista Highway (SR 12).

Restaurants And Local Attractions In Rio Vista

Rio Vista has some of the finest restaurants that prepare best meals in the entire region of California. Some of them include The Point Waterfront Restaurant that usually offers lunch motorcycle ride all the way from Chico. You can also enjoy some good atmosphere and fast service at Foster Bighorn in Rio Vista. For the lovers of salsa and very tasty and authentic dishes, consider going to Tortilla Flats. Local attractions in the area include Rio Vista Golf Club, Rio Vista Museum, and Dutra Museum of Dredging. Rio Vista hosts one of the largest America’s Belgian Endive producers. Craig Breedlove who is the 5-time world land speed record holder also lives in the city of Rio Vista. This is a great city to live and work, with a conducive environment and a stable economy.