Solar – Mike & Diane Copeland From Vacaville

Some of you may remember that in March I inquired about Solar companies. I received a lot of information from all of you and I thank you for that. We did decide on a company and I would like to give all of you that are thinking of going Solar to talk to John Moberg with Citadel Roofing and Solar. His cell number is 808-386-3194. That is a Hawaii number, but he is in Vacaville. Citadel is in Vacaville off of Vaca Valley parkway.

We spoke with John on March 11th and he answered all of our questions so we totally understood what solar is all about. We were very green and he was very patient. I even understand it. We also talked to 5 other companies and found that Citadel gave us the most bang for our buck. So needless to say we signed up. This was on March 11th. Our system was installed on March 30th, city inspection on April 3rd, and PG&E approval on April 12th. So we are up and running now. This whole process took 1 month from start to finish. Way ahead of schedule. The installers were here right on time and it only took a few hours to install.

We live on Marshall Rd. so we wanted the system to look as good as possible from the street. There are no conduit or wires showing. It’s a very neat and clean appearance. We highly recommend Citadel, so if any of you are thinking about solar give John a call (808-386-3194) and see if it is a good fit for you. Riley Riggs is the solar service manager for Citadel and he is a member of Nextdoor. He saw my post in March and suggested Citadel. We are very happy he did.