Solar Energy Storage

Get even more out of your solar energy system.

Citadel’s Solar Energy Storage Products & Services

Solar energy storage systems, also called “battery backup systems,” are integrated with solar energy systems. You can install both at the same time or add energy storage later.

Citadel has installed energy storage systems throughout California. Our installation package includes system design and engineering, procurement of all equipment and materials from leading manufacturers, installation following industry-leading standards, HOA and local permits, and utility approvals.

Once your energy storage system is up and running, we’ll be here to answer any questions and provide any maintenance or repairs down the road.

Solar Energy Storage Benefits

A solar energy storage system from Citadel Roofing & Solar enables you to:

  • Utility-proof your home against power outages so you can continue powering critical devices during a blackout
  • Reduce your electric bills beyond what solar energy systems alone can do by offsetting expensive utility time-of-use rates

Solar+Storage Package

The combination of solar and storage provides maximum protection from rising utility rates and blackouts. Already have a solar energy system from Citadel or another installer? We can easily add energy storage. Learn how the solar piece of the Solar+Storage equation works on our Solar page.
Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery for Energy Storage Product Photo

Paying For Energy Storage

The payment options available for residential solar energy systems—cash, loan, Power Purchase Agreement and lease—generally apply to residential solar energy storage systems. Many people install Solar+Storage as a package and only need one financing method for the entire project.

Citadel’s financing partners have options for most customers, regardless of credit rating. Some loans have interest rates as low as 2.99 percent and some require no down payment.

Read more about payment options for energy storage in our Learn section.

Storage Incentives​

Solar+Storage systems pay for themselves over time through electric bill savings. In addition, two government-sponsored programs reduce the upfront cost of installing energy storage.

Learn more about these incentives in our Learn section

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