Better outage protection. A smarter home.

Solar saves you money and offers some independence from the utility. Battery storage increases your ability to get maximum benefit from your solar. And now smart panels like SPAN let you get maximum benefit from your Solar+Storage, by delivering previously unavailable control over your home energy use.

inside of a SPAN smart panel

Who Benefits from Solar +Storage+SPAN?

The SPAN smart electric panel makes sense for homeowners who want to reduce costs through greater control of their power use. With SPAN’s easy-to-use mobile phone application, you can:

• Use your energy more efficiently by controlling electricity distribution throughout the home.

• Choose which items are powered by your battery during an outage.

• Be prepared for the all-electric home with items like like EV chargers and all-electric appliances.

More Control During Outages

• A SPAN smart panel greatly increases your ability to manage your home’s electricity during a power outage.

• It turns off non-essential items automatically, offering peace of mind.

• You decide which lights, appliances and devices to power, and shift those throughout the day as needed.

• SPAN tells you how long you can run your appliances on the remaining battery charge.

Smart Monitoring & Control

• Unlike your old electrical panel, the SPAN smart electrical panel lets you control every circuit in your home, right from your phone.

• It presents one unified picture of your solar, batteries, EVs and home electrical use.

• It shows you, in real-time, where your home’s energy is coming from: solar, battery, and/or the utility grid.

• It shows you, in real-time, which items in your home are using that energy.


The impacts of this knowledge and control are far-reaching. For example, you can make charging of your EV a priority to ensure your car has a full battery when you need it. And SPAN alerts you to appliance failures or if an area of your home starts using an abnormal amount of energy. That anomaly detection results in immediate electric bill reductions for many homeowners.

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