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Pittsburg is a city in California that is located in Suisin Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is 40 miles north east of San Francisco and 75 miles south west of Sacramento. It has a long history that goes back to 1839. Back then it was called the New York Landing. Later, when coal was discovered in 1903 the name changed to Black Diamond. 3 years later it became Pittsburg when Columbia Geneva Steel was established. It was named in honor of the steel capital of America, Pittsburgh. In 1942 Camp Stoneman was established and thousands of marines shipped off from there to fight World War II in the Pacific. The city has continued to grow and today it is a bustling hub of activity, with recreational facilities, shopping centers, affordable homes, businesses, commercial building, recreational parks and much more.

Pittsburg residents enjoy beautiful views of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. The city continues to grow with new construction all the time. Historically the main economic activities were coal mining and industrial development. Today, there is also a port that employs many people, as well as a well developed industrial base. Some of the main employers include the Pittsburg School District, Ramar International, Dow Chemical Company and the city itself.

Pittsburg enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool, wet winters. You can expect summer temperatures to get as hot as about 90F and in winter they can fall to 60F. The city has a population of about 65,000 people from various ethnic groups. The people are known for one thing – they are friendly and warm even to strangers. You will feel like you have friends all around you when you are in Pittsburg. According to Cal Waite’s East Bay Times,, “Why do I love my hometown? It’s the people of Pittsburg — the mostly wonderful and joyous and kind and friendly people, both natives and those who came here later in life. Never been anywhere where the people make life more enjoyable.” He goes on to say “This unyielding bond and love for each other among Pittsburg people is palpable and unmistakable. I see it at all the outdoor events downtown and around town — the car shows and concerts and sporting events (especially high school football games) and fund raisers and festivals and Decade Street Reunions. I feel it at funeral services and weddings and art shows and restaurants and parking lots and parks and grocery stores.” If you are looking to make some friends this city should definitely be on your radar.

How is life in Pittsburg?

The first thing you should know is that the cost of living is 14% less than the state average. Although median income is slightly lower than California’s average you can still expect to make a good living there. The median home value is 38% lower than the state average too. The average home will cost you between $300,000 and $400,000. The California Delta Highway runs through the city, and transportation is generally good. There are plenty of amenities, including recreational parks, golf courses and many more. There is some crime but there are also many good neighborhoods where you can expect to be safe if you take reasonable caution.

Pittsburg has 2 public high schools and 3 junior high schools. There are many public elementary schools. If you prefer private schools you have quite a few options. There is no university in Pittsburg – if you want to attend one you have to go to one of the neighboring bigger cities. You can, however, attend community college at Los Medanos.

Things to do in Pittsburg

There is plenty to do in Pittsburg, CA, but there is one event that you cannot afford to miss – the September Seafood Festival. According to, “The crown jewel of Pittsburg’s attractions is its annual Seafood Festival. Held every September, the festival features a number of different activities, including an air show, powerboat races, continuous musical entertainment and the California Cuisine Pavilion; a showcase of the talents of local chefs from Contra Costa County. Demonstrations on the preparation of delicious gourmet seafood dishes are followed by samplings of seafood from local vendors.”

The Contra Costa Fair is also a spectacle – it showcases various forms of entertainment and there are opportunities for businesses to exhibit. Mount Diablo State Park is another attraction that you should not miss. It offers spectacular views and visitors can scale it to take in the surroundings from a higher vantage point. It has lots of trails for the weekend hiker and it boasts lots of wildflowers, great rock formations lots more. You can go camping, you can ride on your bike or you can take book up there and spend a quiet day. In fact, people go there to watch stars at night. The gates to the park are closed by 6 so make sure that you are out of there on time.

Car lovers can head to Blackhawk Automotive Museum to see their collection of antique vehicles. They also have an exhibition of life on the Western Frontier in the early years and you can get to see how settlers and Native Indians battled each other for survival.

Pittsburg is also famous for wine tours. You can head out to the rest of the Bay Area and visit amazing wineries and learn about the wine making process as you enjoy different wines and cheeses. One good one is Olin Wines. According to, “Olin Wines is a small winery that is primarily focused on making a World Class California Cabernet Sauvignon. We build big, but balanced, wines with lots of fruit character and then age for long periods in new French Oak barrels. Read about our winemaking style and follow our journey from year to year. We promise to tell you why we selected a certain vineyard, why we harvested when we did, why we chose our yeast strains, our barrels, etc. Our first release is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley in Sonoma County.”

Like the rest of the Bay Area there are a lot of restaurants where you can dine. You can get all kinds of cuisine ranging from classic American to more exotic Indian, Italian and French. Prices will vary depending on what restaurant you choose. If you prefer to make your meals at home you will be happy to know that since Pittsburg is surrounded by rich agricultural areas there is plenty of fresh produce for you to enjoy. There are also plenty of fast food options.

While Pittsburg may not be as big and bustling as other cities in California it is a great place to live if you want to enjoy a laid back life. You will enjoy the beautiful neighborhoods and with everyone being so friendly you can be sure that you will soon have plenty of friends. It is also a great place to bring up a family since it doesn’t have many of the distractions that come with bigger cities.