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Moraga is a suburban incorporated town in the San Francisco Bay Area that is home to about 16,000 people. It is considered among one of the best places to live in California and most of the people who live there have white-collar jobs – they are college educated or higher and a majority work as professionals. Moraga boasts one other distinction – although it is known as a college town, it has one of the highest real estate rates in America. Most residents of Moraga have to commute to their jobs, a commute that lasts an average of 35 minutes a day – this is a bedroom community, meaning that most of the people who live here work in other towns. The city also boasts a high number of telecommuters – nearly 10% of all workers have the option to work from home. It is also home to a good number of stay-at-home businesses.

Moraga is named after Joaquin Moraga, its founder, who was given the land in the form of a grant in 1835. Back in those days it earned its keep as a ranch but also benefited from other economic activity going on in California at the time such as gold mining, coal mining and others. In later years as the railroad passed through it thrived in many other different trades, Today, there is not much in the way of economic activity going on since most of the residents rely on neighboring cities for employment. Of course there is necessity for blue collar workers to support the white collar residents of this community – there are shops, restaurants, local business and more and they all need labor.

Moraga has a livability score of 86 which is one of the highest in California. It has plenty of amenities and the cost of living is 54% higher than in the rest of California. Not to worry though because the median income per household is 116% higher than average. If you have experience in the service sector, such as in hospitality, you can expect to make quite a comfortable living in this town if you can come up with an affordable living arrangement. Although the commute can be a nag, you will be happy to know that the city enjoys a robust public transportation system and there are many residents who prefer to leave their cars at home and use that instead.

Moraga is a largely family oriented community – about 90% of all people live in household. The town offers an excellent schooling system, right from preschool all the way to university. The quality of education is not bad either – students have a high school graduation rate that is 24% higher than the state average. 74.52% of its adults have a college degree or even advanced degree, compared to a national average across all communities of 21.84%. Because most of the people in this town have a college education or higher the atmosphere is conducive to learning. Overall, you can expect your children to do rather well.

What is it like living in Moraga?

The best way to know what life in this small town is like is to hear from some of the residents. Let us turn to, which is one of the more reliable network of reviews for California residents who want to rate their experiences living in different cities. One Moraga Mom says, “we moved to Moraga about 6 years ago (from Oakland). It has been a great decision for our family. All three elementary schools are fantastic. There is only the one middle school (Joaquin Moraga Intermediate), and it is great as well. As far as neighborhoods go, it depends on what you want. Where I live (off Camino Pablo, sort of near the middle school, closer to Canyon), my kids could walk to school all the way through middle school, which we loved. And we are close enough to walk or bike to the Safeway shopping center, which has restaurants and shops, plus the big farmer’s market on Sundays. So, I can recommend our area highly. There are a lot of homes for sale right now, and
you might even be able to get a deal, as some have been on the market for a while.”

Here is another: “Moraga is safe and clean with excellent schools, a family- friendly attitude and nice, quiet neighbors. You get a good sized house and lot for the price and great weather for growing vegetables, riding bikes and walking.”

It is quite clear from reviews on different sites that people love living in this town but you will also see quite a few who complain about the traffic – unless you are hooked to your car you can leave it at home and you the subway, which is much faster than the highways.

Parents in Moraga are expected to participate in the various activities so that they can help their children thrive. Whether they are organized by the school or the community residents volunteer as a way of helping and also so that they can get to meet and know one another. The residents also participate in the government of their town and they are welcome to air their opinions, which the government takes seriously. Residents are very friendly and they are of all ages. You may find that immediately you move in one of your neighbors may come, introduce themselves and offer to take out your trash in case you are out of town while another may offer to baby sit because they are older and spend more time at home. You don’t have to worry too much about crime: the area has a 60% lower crime rate than in the rest of the state, making it one of the safest places to live in California. The important thing, of course, is that as a new member of this community you be friendly and useful to your neighbors. Before long you
will find that you fit in completely.

Real estate in Moraga

Moraga real estate is not cheap – the average home value is 143% higher than the rest of California. However, if you look at what you are getting – security, community, great schools, excellent amenities – you will see that it is a worthy investment. This is not to say that if you cannot spend more than $1 million of a home you should stay away. So long as you have a stable income you can talk to your relator about your budget. There are homes to be had for less that are comfortable to live in. The important thing is that you plant roots in the community – you can upgrade to a better home as you get settled in.

Shopping and eating out in Moraga

There are many shopping locations in this small town. Whether you are looking for day to day shopping malls or specialized boutiques you can be sure that you can find them in one of the shopping malls. As for eating out, like many cities in California there are plenty of restaurants that serve everything from the most basic – fast food – to more sophisticated menus. If you don’t fins what you are looking for in terms of cuisine or shopping experience there are other bigger California cities nearby.