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Miranda is located in the county of Humboldt, California and was formerly known as Jacobsen’s. The area is situated 4 kilometers northwest of Phillipsville, which translates to about 2.5 miles. It is precisely at the center of a redwood country at an elevation of 107 meters. According to the latest census, Miranda, California has a total population of 523 people. It is a census-designated place and ranks in the lower quartile for diversity index especially when compared to most towns, cities and other census-designated places that are in the state of California. Miranda has a primary coordinate point that is located at latitude of 40.2287 and a longitude of -123.8174 in the great county Humboldt.

Miranda Census Designated Place’s formal boundaries encompass a land area of 1.49 square miles and a water area of 0.01 square miles. Humboldt County is located in the Pacific Time zone of GMT -8, with an elevation of 348 feet.

The History Of Miranda, California

Initially, the name Miranda was applied to refer to the post office of the area. Miranda means admirable in Spanish, but on August 26th, 1905, when an individual by the name Etta Coombs suggested that the name could be used to refer to a post office that existed in the current Miranda. Before the establishment of the post office in 1905, Miranda had been previously known as Jacobsen’s valley.

Miranda town is only five minutes walk from the south fork of a famous river known as Eel River. The town is found in between huge redwood trees. To the north, it lies on the Avenue of the Giants in between Myers Flats and Phillipsville to the southern side.

What You Will Find Here

Apart from the post office, Miranda town also has several social amenities. There is a restaurant in the town and resort as well. Others that are found within this small and quite town is a gas station that is entirely owned by the Eldridge family and a marketplace. For Christians within this place, several churches have been established here. Some of the churches include a Seventh-day Adventist church and a meetinghouse for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is also a small local high school that encompasses various grades from grade 8 to 12 as well as a community Grange.

Miranda almost has everything that you would need to stay safe in this beautiful place. Apart from the school and other amenities, you will also be able to find two gift shops within the town, and an art gallery that mainly focuses on the functional burl wood art found on the south side. There is also a very active Volunteer Fire Department within the town. About a mile south of Miranda on the Avenue of Giants, you will find a beautiful glass gallery in the currently incorporated area that was formerly referred to as Fairhaven.


Miranda town has the one and only regular high school in the entire Southern Humboldt Unified School District. The school is known as South Fork High School. The name of the school refers to the south fork that is found on the Eel River. There is also an alternative continuation school known as Osprey Learning Center. It is located across a football pitch in the facilities that were initially used by the former Miranda Junior High School.

The Demographics Of Miranda, CA

The total population according to a census that was carried out on 1st July 2016 revealed that the city has 523 people. The total population of households is 521, while the population of families is 352. Miranda, CA has a total housing unit of 266, which shows that a total percentage of the population has established homes. The population in group quarters in the city is two whereas the population density is estimated at 350. The diversity index of Miranda is 41.

In this beautiful place, the average value of a home is $296,897, while the average home value is $310,156. It has also been indicated that owners who occupy housing units in Miranda, CA are about 146, which represents 54.9 percent of the total population. The rented, occupied housing units are about 96 people, which is 36.1 percent of the population. There are some vacant housing units in Miranda, CA, and they are numbered at 24, which is 9.0 percent of the population.

The average value of a home in this place is 310,156 US dollars. The total number of households in this city is 242 making the average household size to be 2.15. There are 127 family households, and the average size of a family is 3.

The town’s population is spread out with about 22.5 percent under the age of 18. Those who are aged between 18 to 24 constitute about 6.0 percent of the total population. Those who fall into the age groups of 25 to 44 are representing about 24.4 percent. There are also others who are aged between 45 to 64 years of age, and they are about 35.6 of the population.

Others who are 65 years of age or older are 11.5 percent of the total population, and this makes the medium age to be at 41.3 years. For every a hundred females in the town, there were about 94.0 males, and for every 100 females, who are aged 18 and above, there were about 89.2 males.

The Economy Of Miranda, CA

Households that are in Miranda CA have an average income of $35,417. The average salary of the male residents of this town is $49,554, while the total average salary for the female residents is $38,836. In Humboldt County, male full-time employees make 1.3 times more than their counterparts, the female full-time employees.

The ethnicity or race in Miranda town that has the highest average salary is African American or black with $120,152. This indicates that African Americans earn, on average 3.3 times more than any other ethnicity or race in the entire town. Those who are doing managerial jobs in the town seem to be the highest earners.

The largest demographic that is living in poverty within Miranda, CA are the female that is aged between 25 to 34 years of age. 37.1 percent of the town’s total population for whom the status of poverty is determined in Miranda lives below the poverty line. When compared to the United States of America poverty average of 14.7 percent, it is evident that Miranda has a higher percentage.

The largest race that lives in poverty is the white people, followed by African American and then American Indian. The most common jobs in Miranda, CA, estimated by the total number of the employees are; education, sales, library & training, and production, Compared to most census places, Miranda, CA has the highest number of most specialized jobs. These include law enforcement supervisors, sales, education, training, and library. The highest paid jobs in the town by average earnings are financial operations & business, mathematical & computer, and management jobs.

Miranda, CA also has various industries in the region. The most common industries are retail trade and educational services. However, the highest paying industries here are mining, quarrying, extraction of gas, oil, warehousing and transportation, hunting, fishing, forestry, and agriculture.