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Manteca is a city that is situated in the county of San Joaquin. It is located in the San Joaquin Valley of central California, about 70 miles east of San Francisco. It is exactly 13 miles from Stockton. Other communities that are found nearby include French Camp, Lathrop, garden acres, Salida, august, Ripon, Kennedy and Taft Mosswood.

The History Of Manteca, CA

The Native Americans who had been living here had settled on what was referred to as sand plains. Permanent settlers only began after the introduction of California Gold Rush in mid 1800. The residents here at that time mainly subsisted on farming grain and raising cattle. The first small settlement that was in Manteca was formerly called Cowell Station. The name came following the arrival of Joshua Cowell in this area in the year 1861. Joshua Cowell is also well known as the father of Manteca because he became the first town’s mayor when its incorporation occurred in 1918.

The first white settlers arrived in this area after the California Gold Rush had subdued. Before their arrival, only a handful Indians permanently lived in this place. The area was mainly known for raising cattle and some grain. The center of the current city is precisely where the first settler and mayor, Joshua Cowell had his home.

In 1873, there was the construction of Central Pacific Railroad that laid track to Cowell Farm. The stopping point was referred to as Cowell Station. The railroad workers worked together with the local farmers to have a name and avoid any possible confusion. They decided to settle on the name Monteca. But something happened, when the first tickets were printed, an error occurred and the name appeared as Manteca and not Monteca as had been intended. The error was not fixed, and the name stood as Manteca up to date.

Real growth began to take place in the town at the beginning of the 1900s, but it was in the early 2000s that many new residents came in and started to offer phenomenal growth during this period of time.

The first school that was established here was in 1857. It was then called East Union Manteca. It was given this name in order to differentiate it from the Union School that also existed around the area of Lothrop, California at that time.

In 1872, a cemetery called the East Union was established in the area. As of today, this cemetery has remained one of the oldest landmarks in the entire county of San Joaquin. The road that bordered that cement was named Union Road after the cemetery, and it has remained one of the streets in the city of Manteca, CA. Many students started joining Manteca High School, and it began to overcrowd. To relieve this overcrowding, another school was started in the year 1966. As a tribute to the old farmhouse school, the new high school was given the name East Union High School.

The largest veterans’ commemoration in the whole of American West Coast called Not Forgotten Memorial Day Event is always done in Manteca, CA. The event that always attracts over 20,000 people is held a Sunday before Memorial Day. It is done every year.

The Weather For Manteca, CA

The average annual rainfall in Manteca is 18.24 inches per year, while the low median temperature is 52.3 degrees F. the average high temperature is 75.4 degrees F.

The Demographic Information For Manteca, CA

The total population of those who are currently residing in Manteca city is 75,448. In that population, those who are over 65 years of age represent 10.6 percent of the total population. Individuals who are between 35 years old to 54 constitute about 26.6 percent of the total population. 13.7 percent of the population is people who are between 25 years and 34 years. Those who have attained between 18 to 24 years of age are 9.4 percent. 2o.5 percent of the population are those who are between 5 to 17 years.

Those who are under five years are 8.3 percent.

Different races and ethnicities live in this city. According to ethnic and race diversity, the white are many with 69.7 percent of the total population. They are distantly followed by the African American community who represents 3.7 percent of all the people. People from the Asian community are about 7.6 percent of the population while American Indians and Alaska Natives are 0.8 percent of the population.

11.8 percent of the population is some other races alone while 6.1 percent are two or more races. Latino and Hispanic people constitute about 39.9 percent.

The top five slots of the top 20 ancestries of Manteca, CA are represented by German (11.3%), Irish (9.9%), Portuguese (6.0%), Italian (5.4%) and English (5.3 percent).

Means Of Transport In Manteca, CA

Most residents of Manteca city in the county of San Joaquin use bus transportation. Manteca Transit is the company that provides bus services within this great town. There is also a regional rail service that is meant for the commuters to San José. It is provided at the Lathrop/Manteca Station by the Altramont Commuter Express (ACE).

The Economy

Manteca has a stable economy, and there are various employments at different industries and other institutions in the city. The top employment industries in Manteca are the following, retail with 13.5 percent, healthcare with 13.0 percent, manufacturing with 10.1 %, education at 8.2 % and construction at 7.9%. Finance and arts are the only sectors that have employed very few people in the city of 3.0% and 2.1 % respectively.

Some of the top employers in the city of Manteca include Manteca Unified School District, which has provide jobs to over 1350 residents. About 600 people have also been absorbed in the city’s Kaiser Permanente. Doctors Hospital of Manteca is another top employer in the city. It has provided jobs to about 370 residents.

Fossil Fuels Brewing Company, a company that is based in this city produces beer using traditional yeast that is obtained from amber and revived after a long period of time. It is the same process that was used to retrieve dinosaur blood from mosquitoes that were trapped in amber.

The economy of Manteca, CA has been, for a long time, based on agriculture. Currently, electronic firms are also growing rapidly, and they are becoming leading employers in the town. Many new companies have been brought to Manteca by an industrial park situated in the southeastern area of the city.


Education is very important to any society. Several schools have been established in Manteca to take care of the growing population. Public schools that are in this area are part of the Manteca Unified School District. There are no middle schools here, but elementary schools have both traditional and year-round schools. Some of the high school in this region includes Sierra High School, East Union High School, Calia High School, Weston Ranch High School and Manteca High School.


Manteca, California has so many attraction centers that are open to the public. Some of them are The Lady Bug Festival that usually happens at the Manteca Pumpkin Fair; it is a nice craft show. Down at the West Yosemite Avenue, there is the Manteca Historical Museum.