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Lathrop, CA is a quaint and young city that is located in San Joaquin Valley, San Joaquin County in the state of California. Lathrop, CA has become a prime location for so many residents mainly because of its central location to all great things that Northern Carolina has to provide.

It is located only a few minutes from Stockton and Modesto with an estimated fifty-minute drive to Sacramento and San Francisco. It lies close to Manteca with the river of San Joaquin flowing through its middle. Lathrop is connected to nearby towns and cities through Interstate 5 and SR 120 roads. This area is growing so fast and avidly promotes economic development.

Founding Of Lathrop, CA

The city of Lathrop was founded by Leland Stanford, who once served as the governor of the city. Governor Leland was also one of the president and founders of the Central Pacific Railroad.

As railroad workers blasted their way through the Sierra Nevada and looking for the right-of -way to construct the railroad through Stockton in the year 1867, Mr. Stanford became frustrated with the indecisive officials in Stockton, who could not settle on which street the railway line was going to follow.

The officials at long last reached a consensus on the place where the railroad was going to run early in the year 1868. The officials had previously begun surveying a country road, situated on the east of Stockton’s city limits. The railroad would later establish the town of Lathrop in a place that was previously used for switching train cars. The area was named Lathrop after Jane, Lelan Stanford’s wife and her brother Charles Lathrop.

How The Town Began

Some of the early constructions in that area included machine shops and a roundhouse for the train engine. Lathrop grew so fast, such that by 1871, the town already had a post office built to serve the residents. It was the same year that the railroad crew built a large hotel to serve meals to passengers that stopped by the town. More hotels wee constructed as the town grew in every bit and one point, the railroad applied a sidetrack to park freight cars and blocking the way to other competitors.

Growth And Prosperity Of Lathrop Town

By the year 1879, the city of Lathrop already had three hotels, general stores, two restaurants, some blacksmith shops, seven saloons, a bakery, a school, and firefighting companies. The school also doubled as a meeting place for the three churches that were in the area. The town also had a newspaper that was called Railroad Journal. Wells Fargo also established an office in the area.

Demography Of Lathrop, CA

Lathrop, CA has a population of 20,866 people. Areas that have more people residing in include S Harlan Road/ Thomsen Road, City Center, S Harlan Road/Warren Avenue, and S Manthey Road/ Lathrop Road.

8.0 percent of those residing in Lathrop, CA are children under the five years of age. Those who are between 5 to 17 years of age represent 21.2 percent of the total population. Adults who are between 18 to 24 years of age are represented by 9.9 percent, while those who are between 25 to 34 years of age are represented by 15.3 percent of the total population.

The majority of the residents of Lathrop, CA are adults between 35 years old to 54. They constitute 28.9 percent of the entire population of the city. 9.3 percent of the population is those who are 55 to 64 years of age. From the demographic information, it appears that those who have attained 65 years and above are the minority in the city.

There are various races and ethnic groups that call Lathrop home. Among all the races that live in Lathrop, CA, the white people seem to be many. They constitute about 50.1 percent of the total population. African American or the Black represents 9.1 percent of the total population. The Asian community also appears to be in large numbers here. They are about 20.1 percent of those living in Lathrop, CA.

Lathrop, CA still accommodates other races, such as Alaska Native or American Indian who represents about 0.9 percent. Other Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiian represents 0.6 percent of the total number of people living in Lathrop. Latino or Hispanic of any race is about 43.1% of the entire population. Two or more races are about 7.9 percent of the population.

This is a clear indication that Lathrop is a place for diverse ethnicities and races. The ancestry of various people living in Lathrop has also not escaped numerous discussions. Those with German ancestry are 5.7 percent of the total population. Other ancestries include irish-3.9%, Italian-2.7%, English-2.2%, sweedish-1.3% and others.

Due to these many ancestry roots, various languages are spoken in the city of Lathrop, California. The language that has many speakers in Lathrop, California is English-51.7 percent. It is followed by Spanish that is spoken by 29.1 percent of the population.

The little known Tagalog language is spoken by 6.6 percent of people residing in this city. Other languages that residents here converse in include Pacific Island languages, Indic languages, Hindi, Chinese, African languages and others. Some of the famous real estates near Lathrop include Manteca, CA, Ripon, CA, Stockton, CA, Tracy, CA, Escalon, CA, and Linden, CA.

The economy of Lathrop, CA

Lathrop’s central location and its easy access to some of the major railway yards and highways have been attracting some of the largest industrial and commercial companies for years. Residents here have really enjoyed the easy going community whether your working place is close or you commute from the Bay Area.

Since the city was incorporated in the year 1989, its growth has been constant. The economy of Lathrop city was at one time listed as the fastest growing economy in the entire California. There is very many dining establishments sin this city and other business that residents find so helpful has greatly contributed to the growth of the economy.

Some of the amazing business establishments that you will find in this city include Tesla, In and Out Burger, and Ghirardelli Chocolate that have created jobs for both the locals and the foreigners residing in this great city.

The surrounding area of Lathrop has a great mix of industries. The most prominent businesses and commercial activities in Lathrop, California are manufacturing, farming, and trucking. The potential for various businesses is so great in Lathrop than in any other city within the county of California. Different areas of retail, manufacturing, warehousing and eateries are in constant growth and development. Lathrop’s per capita income currently stands at $18,488, while the median household income is $63,087.

Restaurants & Attractions In Lathrop, CA

Some of the attractions in Lathrop, CA includes Baccara, Philippines, a sister city for Lathrop. Lathrop is technically a designated city of trees. Lathrop has some of the best restaurants in the entire California, some of which include La Hacienda Taqueria, a casual restaurant on 15158, Harlan Road, Amici Sushi, where you will find a traditional Sushi served on eclectic fusion plates. Others include Taqueria Vallarta, Siena Italian Restaurant and Golden Bowl Restaurant on 249 E Louise Avenue.