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Dating back to 1772 Dublin has a fascinating history to say the least. A story goes that Pedro Fages and 16 men went in an expedition to search for a land route leading to Drake’s Bay today known as the San Francisco Bay. On their way back they rode through Amador Valley which would later become Dublin. The valley was named after Jose Maria Amador who was granted 16,500 acres for his service in the Mexican army where he was an administrator. In the year 1850, Irish settlers bought land from him and a town was founded. These settlers bought 1,000 acres. They were Michael Murray and Jeremiah Fallon.

Building approximately began in 1853 Alameda County was created. Fallon and Murray served on the County Board as Supervisors. In 1877 the first schoolhouse was built in the Amardor-Livermore Valley in Dublin. Known as the Murray Schoolhouse it had 50 pupils. A church, Green’s Store, two hotels, a wagon and blacksmith shop and a shoemakers shop. The destination of the mail was Dougherty Station Hotel is where. The area at the time was known as Dougherty Station until it was renamed Dublin in 1982. Some of its historical sites have been well preserved. St. Raymond’s Church and cemetery have been preserved well. Today it is located on Donlan way. Members of the Donner Party Expedition have made this their final resting place.

Located along the north side of Interstate 580 at its intersection with Interstate 580 it was named after the city of Dublin in Ireland. It is the second fastest growing city in California only second to Santa Clarita. With a population that was estimated at 49,890 as of 2013 it is a city determined to remain on the right side of development. With some of the world’s largest corporations making it their home it comes as no surprise that it is regarded as a center for globally celebrated business parks. The city is inspired to continue on its rapid growth by its desire to improve the quality of life of the community members.

Points of Interest

This is a city that is alive with different activities. Sporting events, festivals, concerts, comedy clubs, expos and conventions, museums, and areas of historical heritage can all be found in this city. Whether visiting with family, on business or just a holiday with your friends this place has got you covered.
For the sports fans the Fallon Sports Park will be an amazing place to visit. With features such as, Baseball diamonds, Basketball courts, BMX Course, Softball diamonds, Tennis courts, Soccer fields and Picnic tables. With walkways and trails you are assured of an experience that is well coordinated. Being the city’s premier sports facility the park is located on Lockhart Street. With scheduled expansions set to make the park even better and bigger with the design and construction of the Lower Terrace. This will include two synthetic soccer fields and a baseball diamond.

The Dublin Heritage Park and Museums is a 10 acre park with several activities happening on it. It has historical buildings, a historic cemetery lawns and picnic areas. There are two museums in the park the Kolb House and the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse. The 1856 Murray Schoolhouse contains permanent exhibits on Dublin’s history while the Kolb is a historic house museum. The Park is open to the public during daylight hours. Admission to the museums is also free during regular hours. The Park also has the 1859 St. Raymond Church, the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery, and the Kolb Sunday School Barn. The museums are open from Wednesday through to Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

The Rockin’ Jump is an amusement center that you will need on your list. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to good old fun. Trampolines are the thing to do here. Considered a place for kids and teens on most occasions it should be a place to visit while on a family trip. The kids will surely love it. It also has basketball and dodgeball. The beauty of the place is how they have managed to accommodate everyone who likes sports.

The Kolb Park is a nice place to experience Dublin art and nature. You can see large stone art pieces. It also has barbecue grills, drinking fountains, fitness equipment, picnic areas and tables, play equipment for the kids, softball diamond, lighted tennis courts and restrooms. Dogs are also allowed although on a leash. The art installed here is by John King. It is known as the Dust in the Universe. It represents themes in particle physics. It is quite a remarkable piece of art especially for those familiar with the field of particle physics. Education is highly encouraged even from the City’s art.

Emerald Glen Park is a recreation and aquatic complex. With 40+ acres of land it comprises of sports fields, a water park, Skate Park, nature trails and picnic areas. The city of Dublin is an outdoor city with its infrastructure continuously encouraging you to go outside and explore something new. This seems to have been the spirit of the city from its founding days. Dogs are permitted into the park but on leashes. The artistic nature of the city can also be seen here. The Divided Sea by Ned Khan was designed specifically for the entrance of the Emerald Glen Park. This is for the water element of the park.

The Positano Hills Park is a naturally beautiful scenery. Described by many as a nice simple and clean park to take a walk, it has got breathtaking views of the hills it resides in and the natural pools make you forget that you were in a park in the first place. It is a romantic place for the nature lovers who can find the beauty hidden in simplicity. Open to the public 24 hours a day you can visit it at night and look up to the sky while lying on the grass. This is a location where all family members can feel included in the activities.


Dublin is a city rapidly growing and the shopping experience will show that. With its wide array of Malls and shopping centers you will get everything you need all under one roof. The Stoneridge shopping center is particularly known for its department stores. Open until 9pm you will get anything you can think of here. It has a great atmosphere which reflects well on the people with their welcoming nature. Hacienda Crossings is also a great shopping center and even has an IMAX theater. This makes it a good location for dates and shopping as well.


Food can tell you a lot about culture and nature of people. The cuisine in Dublin is rich in diversity. Celebrating this Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Italian and seafood based cuisines can all be enjoyed here. Skilled chefs, classy restaurants, and affordable food come together to provide the atmosphere required for great dining including cheap fast food, remarkable seafood and steakhouses that are prepared and presented in an artistic way. This is a city on the verge of culinary discovery. The Chefs pushing boundaries with their menu will have you coming back for more. Fine dining at Barone’s is an experience to look forward to. The ambiance alone will make you feel relaxed and ready to experience your meal. For an American steakhouse we recommend Hap’s Original Steakhouse.