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Discovery Bay, CA was established in the early 1970’s specifically as a summer and weekend resort community. It, however, started as a planned community in 1964, six years before it officially became established. Initially, Discovery Bay was designed as a river-lake and a riverside. It has over time evolved to a one thriving year round home that hosts over 14,000 residents. These residents enjoy a small-town living set up in the backdrop of over 1,200 miles of the waterways of Delta. It is a census-designated place located on the eastern side of the Contra Costa County of California state. Discovery Bay is found about 97 kilometers of San Francisco and is in the East Bay section of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Approximately sixty percent of Discovery Bay homesteads are fond in the original part of the town, whereas other homes are in a region known as Discovery Bay West. Discovery Bay got its zip code in the month of July 2007. Before it got the 94505-zip code, it had been sharing 94514 with Byron.


Discovery Bay is an unincorporated community in Contra Costa County and is officially referred to as the Town of Discovery Bay. The formation of the city came as a result of California Community Services District (CSD) in the year 1998. The CSD district is governed by a 5-member board of directors, who are elected to monitor and control the affairs of this region. The board members are headed by a general manager, whose main work is to oversee the daily operational wants of the community. Despite the fact that CDS board has no zoning authority or land use, they are still allowed to offer consultations and advises to the county on matters that pertain to fire services and police. They can also provide advice on commercial and residential developments among other areas.


The population of Discovery Bay, CA has bee rapidly growing with a new number coming in each and every year. In 2000 for instance, the number of those who were residing in Discovery Bay were close to 8.981 with 3,349 households and 2,635 families. In this year, the racial makeup of the town was as follows, the white constituted 87.57 percent of the total population at that time, and African or black Americans represented 1.84 percent of the population. Latino and Hispanic had a higher percentage compared to the Africans or black Americans who were residing in Discovery Bay at that time. The total percentage of the Latino and Hispanic were 10.43 percent.

In the CDP in 2000, 25.5 percent of the population was those under the age of 18, while age 18 to 24 constituted about 4.4 percent. The median age during this time was 39 years of age. The average income for the town in the year 2000 was $89,915, and the family median income was $90,272.

Things, however, changed ten years later, where a United States census in 2010 revealed that Discovery Bay had a population of 13, 352 people with a population density of 732.3 per square kilometer. The white people were still leading with 81.7 percent of the population, and the Asian had the lowest percentage. They were about 51 people, which constitute 0.4 percent of the total population.

Things, however, haven’t changed much in Discovery Bay, with the current population demographics revealing the following information.

• Men make up about 50.3 percent of the population while the females represent about 49.7 percent
• The majority of Discovery Bay population is still white with a percentage of 81.7
• The residents of the city are 33.0 percent single and 67.0 percent married
• The population of the city is 93.2 percent native-born and 6.8 percent foreign born.

Economy And Education System

The median worker income in Discovery Bay currently stands at $ 53,610. The unemployment rate as revealed in the national census is 7.4 percent. This is much better than the national average of 7.9 percent. Of those who are working in Discovery Bay, CA, 36.6 percent of them commute within 25 minutes while 49.8 percent have a commute time of over forty-five minutes. However, 13.6 percent of that population spends between 25 to 45 minutes traveling. The city’s poverty rate is very compared o the national average. The poverty rate of Discovery Bay is 2.9 percent. The average worker in Discovery Bay works for 39 hours in a week.

Discovery Bay offers a broad array of commercial and retail outlets and other various dining opportunities all through this great town in California. It boasts of two shopping centers, one private school, three public schools, and a full-service water yacht harbor that has a fully stocked marina shops and chandlery. Boaters have a rare opportunity of navigating all the way from Discovery Bay all the way to San Francisco, and this allows residents to practically go anywhere in the whole world right from their backyards. All schools in Discovery Bay are run by Byron Union School District. Currently, there are close to five high schools in the area.

Leisure And Hospitality

For the residents of Discovery Bay, It does not matter what your past time is, whether it is fishing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, or maybe just exploring the great California Delta, there is no shortage of things you can think of doing in Discovery Bay, CA. For those who are lovers of golf, Discovery Bay Country Club is the place you need to be. Here, you will find a challenging Ted Robinson designed championship course, which is meant to keep you challenged with every stroke that you undertake.

There are so many things you can do in this beautiful place. If you are not just walking, you can think of having a dinner at D-Deck. This is a collection of 18 restaurants, cafes, bars and bakeries that are all facing a bay on one side and a plaza on the other side.

At the D-Deck chain of restaurants, if you spend more than HK $100, then you might just be lucky to have a free ferry ride back to the central. You can also opt to grab a burger and a pint at all time reliable McSorley’s. There is also a likable twist available on a ubiquitous chain of bookstores known as Dymocks Gallery Café, here you can have your coffee and cake and continue enjoying the beauty of Discovery Bay, CA. If you are just lucky to snag a dinnertime spot on one of the terraces on the waterfront, then you will have an opportunity of enjoying the nightly fireworks that were launched by Disneyland.

Transport System

Discovery Bay, CA has the most convenient, swankiest and at times most expensive ferry service in the region. Ferries operate around the clock from Central Pier 2 to other regions. For a single journey, you will spend close to $31, but you will at least get a free Wi-Fi during your journey. Most residents of this city get around using bikes and buses, but a sizeable number still uses golf carts.

To make the city clean and healthy, the there is a municipal treatment of water that the district provides. It also provides landscaping and parks as well as other recreation services.