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Concord is found in the county of Contra Costa within the state of California. It is the largest city within that county. It has a population that is estimated at around 123,000 people, making it the eighth-ranked largest city in the region of San Francisco Bay.

Concord city was founded in the year 1869, initially as the community of Todos Santos. It was established by Salvio Pacheco and the name Todos Santos was changed to Concord within few months. The city achieved prominence in the 19th century due to the fact tat many residents were from Pacheco were coming into Concord city to avoid flood and fire devastation that they had witnessed in their town. On February 5th, 1905, Concord was officially incorporated.

Within the San Francisco Bay Area, Concord city is a major regional suburban East Bay center. It is estimated to be about 47 kilometers, which is 29 miles east of the city of San Francisco. It is 105 kilometers southwest of Sacramento, and 82 kilometers north of San José.

Previously, people from the Miwok community inhabited the valleys that are found in the North of Mount Diablo. In this region, several streams are flowing all the way from the mountain into the area of San Francisco Bay. The Miwok people mainly fished in these rivers and also hunted elk.

Concord has an extensive and rich agricultural area, with the top ones including Clayton and Ygnacio Valleys.

Back in the time, some of the crops that were doing well, in the beginning, included grapes, wheat, nuts, and even tomatoes. The area that today is the site of Concord Naval Weapons Station used to be a site to some ranches of wheat in the region. The area had its first post office in the year 1872.


This great city has a total area that measures 79 kilometers square, which translates to about 30.5 square miles. Todo Santos Plaza found in the downtown Concord is the focal point of the city. Todo Santos Plaza is well known for its free summer concerts, farmers market and many surrounding restaurants that are within the area. Most of this area especially in the downtown area has recently experienced redevelopments that have brought new condominium projects and high-density apartments. These new projects are meant to take advantage of the proximity to the region that surrounds the park and public transportation.

The downtown area of Concord, however, has faced so many challenges with homelessness and crime being at the core. The ancient and oldest residential area of Concord city is found on the east and north of downtown. Most homes those are located in these regions dates as old as pre-world war 2. Moving to the city’s far northern edge, you meet a busy industrial area. A large refinery company known as Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery majorly dominates the area. The company, however, is not located within the limits of the city.

Most residential properties are found in the southeastern sector of the city. The area is majorly centered along the famous Clayton Road. Most of the buildings in this part of Concord City were developed around 1960’s and 1970’s. The Latino has a neighborhood in the city known as Four Corners. The area is located in the southwest area of the city. The area is mainly centered around the great intersection of Oak Grove Road and Monument Boulevard.


Concord city has a hot summer known as Mediterranean climate or Koppen Csa. The average temperature of this city for the month of January is 14.0 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 5.3 degree Celsius. The city usually experiences cool winters and warm summers. The average daily temperatures for summer are in the 80s while the average daily temperature for the winter is in the 50s.

The 1944-Port Chicago Disaster

Concord is a place that has an incredible history in the entire world. Apart from the good things that the city is usually known it has experienced some of the most unfortunate incidents in the whole world. One of these accidents is the Port Chicago disaster. A massive explosion that claimed the lives of 320 individuals occurred on the evening of 17th July in the year 1944. Those who perished in this incident included civilians that work at the pier, and merchant seamen and civilians working at the dock. This big blast was too big to an extending that it was felt even 30 miles.


Concord population according to the United States census carried out in the year 2015, Concord has a population that is estimated at 203, 690 people. One region that has the highest number of people is Walnut Creek that has a population of 66,799, according to the 2015 American Community Survey.

The median family income for Walnut Greek is $116,350. The area that has the smallest number of people is Clayton. It has a total of 11, 497. Despite that small population, the town has a median family income estimated at $141, 250. Other areas in the region include Martinez that has a population of 37, 300 and a median household income of $101,447, Lafayette has a population of 25, 085 and the highest median family income of $176, 127. Pleasant Hill and Benicia have a population of 34, 155 and 27,657 respectively.

The racial makeup of Concord was 64.5percent white, 3.6 percent North American, 11.1 percent Asian, and 0.7 percent Native Americans. Hispanic and Latino have to 30.6 percent of the population.

The median population of Concord is as follows.

Median age constitutes 37.9 of the total opulationThose who are over 65 years represent 13.1 percent of the population of Concord. Those who are 62 years and have only taken 16.3 percent of the environment.

The Economy Of Concord, CA

Over the last forty years, Concord City has been basically a bedroom community for Oakland and San Francisco. Jobs that are within the city have however increased during the last decade. Concord has attracted some top businesses that have their headquarters right within the city. Round Table Pizza, for instance, has its headquarters in Concord, CA. Other corporations that previously had strong ties with Bay Area region like Bank of America and Chevron have also established branches in Concord, CA. This has greatly diversified the local economy.

The retail sector of Concord CA is also very strong including one of the largest malls in the United States, Sunvalley Mall, Fry’s Electronics, and Castco.

Concord is a great place for anyone who might be thinking of starting up a business. Some of the leading employers in the region include Wells Fargo Credit Center and Mt. Diablo Unified School District, which is actually the leading with approximately 4,320 employees. Others are PG&E, Safeway Inc., The Conco Companies, Chevron, Bank of America and others.

Restaurants And Parks

Concord has some of the best recreation and hospitality centers in the region. Some of them include Pixieland, nice theme parks for those visiting the city; nice hiking trails known as Contra Consta Canal Trail.

Some of the best hotels you will find in this city include the Hilton Concord, which is less than one mile from Waterworld California, Best Western Heritage Inn, Concord, Clarion Hotel, Concord and Crowne Plaza Concord, Walnut Creek.