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Chula Vista CA is the second largest city in San Diego and the name mean beautiful view in Spanish. The city was found in the early 19th century and has a diversity of cultural zones and is has the richest economy. 3000 BC people that spoke the Yuman language was moving around in the area. In the year 1542 three Spanish ships landed in the San Diego harbour. As the city grew and thrives more culture started to develop and because of that there is a great history behind the city. Some of the well known places to see and visit are the Chula Vista marina, the living coast discovery centre, the mattress film amphitheatre and the aquatic San Diego.

Living Coast Discovery centre

The centre is on the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Park and consists of 3.3 acres. Here you will have the chance to get up and personal with nature. You will be close to Stingrays, Sharks, Green Sea Turtles, Hawks and Owls. The children can have an overnight experience which will let them learn more about the creatures in the centre. Your mind will explode with all the information about the 350 species of plant and animal life. When you register for a VIP encounter you will be taken backstage for a tour. You will be shown where the food is prepared, you will be able to hand feed baby rays and touch one of the horn sharks. You will experience a real encounter with some of the animals they care for. This would be an experience for any animal water creature lover.

U.S Olympic Training Centre

The San Diego National Sport Training Foundation gave the United States Olympic committee a gift in the form of 155 acre complex in the 90’s. The complex has the best training facility for athletes that would like to compete at Olympic levels. Athletes like track and field, soccer, tennis, cycling and many more train at the complex. The training centre is open to the public where you can take a tour yourself without paying for it. Here you will be able to see Olympic athletes in the making and how hard they train to become the best of the best.

Onstage Playhouse

If you are an arts lover and like live community theatre then would definitely like to go and watch a live show. All the shows are put together by volunteers to give the audience an experience of a life time. Onstage can seat up to 60 people for every show and there are a bout six productions per year. You can choose between single tickets, group tickets or season tickets if you want to join the community and support the Onstage Playhouse. Onstage has received multiple awards for directing, acting, production and technicality. Onstage have been entertaining the community for more than 30 years and they will keep going for another 30 years.

Mattress Firm Amphitheatre

Entertaining their guests for more than 20 years the Mattress Firm Amphitheatre is one of the most popular place to visit. They have 10,024 lawn seats and 9,468 back chair seats to offer to their guests. They first had a sold out concert just a month after opening they doors for a Spice Girls concert. This will show you that they don’t do small entertainments but work with big names in the industry. Because of its popularity it is best to purchase tickets weeks before because 90% of the time tickets will be sold out before the show starts. This will be a perfect place to have a live concert experience with friends and family.

Len Moore Skate Park

If you have a flair for skating then the Len Moore Skate Park is the right place for you. It cost 1.3 million dollars to build the park and it has four different skate areas. You will also find in the Skate Park some Pyramids, vertical extensions, ramps and rails. The Len Moore Skate Park is often used for competitions and is also open every day for freestyle skaters. Well known skaters like Tony Hawk has visit the park and it just come to show that this park is one of a kind. The skate areas are made out of concrete and wood structures. They also have park rental and you can rent the park for yourself and your friend or family and it is very safe.

Otay River valley

If you love nature and the history that comes with it you need to visit the Otay River Valley. Approximately 9000 years ago the Native Americans lived hear and they used the rivers to live a good live. In the 1800’s the Spanish came in and lived on the land and let their cattle grazed in the field. In the same time farming and vineyards were used to make life better. Visitors to the park will be able to have picnics, use the hiking trails and play on the open fields and biking to see the scenery that the park has to offer. There are also horse trails for those who would like to explore the land on horse back. The Otay River Valley is a very popular attraction for Chula Vista CA residents and other visitors from all over who want to experience the beauty the park has to offer.

Aquatica, Sea World’s Water Park

If you want to have an adventure with your family and friends you must go to Aquatica, Sea World’s Water Park. You will be able to have access to eight water rides; five splash and wave facilities and then you will enjoy the company of some flamingos and water turtles as well. There are cabanas that you can hire if you want to make it a weekend trip. There is a gift shop for you to visit and if you get hungry you can choose between five different restaurants and snack shops. You will also be able to enjoy all the extras they have to offer like the cashless wristband and the express ride entry. It does not matter if you are young or old, you will never experience anything else like this.