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Ceres, California is 3 miles southeast of Modesto, California, and 54 miles east of San José, California. The municipality of Ceres is found in San Joaquin Valley in the county of Stanislaus. The region of Ceres features a landscape and is bordered by a river known as Tuolumne. The area is a prominent agricultural area where wines grapes are major products. Ceres, CA has a small neighborhood atmosphere, and a vast majority of the city’s commercial and industrial zones are designated as Enterprise Zones.

There is a newspaper in this city known as Ceres Courier, which has been in circulation since 1910. Together with its sister paper, The Turlock Journal, this newspaper has been providing the residents with updates and news of day-to-day operations in the city.

Ceres is considered as one of the Central Valley’s richest and most diverse agricultural regions and is also the home to the recently opened County Agriculture Center, which cost a whopping $14 million.

The city enjoys an excellent climate with twelve inches of rainfall in every year. The average low winter temperature in the city is 38F, while the mean high winter temperature is 85 in spring and fall. During summer, it always experiences an average high temperature in 90’s. Part of the northern boundary of the city is connected to the Tuolumne River.

Ceres is a growing economy with a significant commitment to retaining its small neighborhood personality. Organizations, businesses, and various non-profit community service groups come together for various activities that occur in the region every year.

The History Of Ceres, CA

In 1867, three families arrived in the modern day Ceres city. They were the families of Daniel C. Whitmore, Cassius Warner, and John Service. They are considered to be the first families who settled in Ceres, California. Whitmore builds his first home in the year 1870 in this place. This home that is considered one of the first settlements here still stands, and has been fully restored by the City and the Ceres Historical Society. It is located at 2928 5th Street.

The Government Of Ceres, California

Ceres is ranked as the 12th Senate District according to California State Legislature. It is however ranked at position 10 in the California’s congressional district.

Tragic Incidents In Ceres, California

An incident occurred in the early 1890s, John Sontag and Chris Evans, two outlaws, broke into Southern Pacific Railroad train and robbed it plus various other locations in Ceres, California. A labor camp would then be developed forty years after the incident within Ceres city.

Other incidents have also taken place in this quite beautiful city. In 2005, one of the police officers in Ceres was shot while on duty. The officer was killed by his fellow law enforcer who had just returned from a peacekeeping mission in Iraq.


The city of Ceres has a population of 47,963. The city ranks in the upper quartile for Population Density and Diversity Index when it is compared to various towns, cities, and census designated places within the state of California. Various age groups are evenly distributed in the total population of the city. For instance, children who are below five years are only 8.2 percent of the total number of people living in Ceres, California. Individuals who are above five years of age but are below seventeen years represents 21.0% of the total population. 16-17 age categories are 11.7 percent of the people living in Ceres. 15.4% of the population is those that have attained 25 years but below 34 years old.

The majority of the residents of this city are those who are between 35 years and 54 years. This is the category where most married individuals are also found. They constitute 25 percent of the people, suggesting that they form almost a quarter of the total population. Ages 55 to 64 are also well represented in the city, and they constitute 9.2 percent of the total population, while those that are over 65 years’ represents about 9.2 percent.

There are diverse races and ethnic groups in Ceres, California. The majority of people who are living in this city are the white, which constitutes 69.7 percent of the total population. The second ethnic group that is also well represented here are the Asians. The Asians represent about 6.0 percent of the total population. The African American or black community who are in this place constitutes about 1,7 % of the total number of residents in this city. Other people who live here are the Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders (1.0%), some other races (16.5%), two or more races (4.1%), and Hispanic or Latino of any race (58.7 %).

There are various ancestry groups that this community can trace its roots from. The leading is German with 7.2%. Others are Irish, England, Italian, Portuguese, and French among others. There are even 0.2% of the total populations that can reclaim their roots from Scandinavia. The language that is most spoken in Ceres, California, surprisingly enough is not English. 46.5% of the population speaks Spanish. Those who speak English are 44.6 percent of the population. Other languages that are spoken in this city include Indic languages, Mom-Khomer (Cambodian), Hindi, Laotian, Arabic, Tagalog, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Greek, German and others.

The Economy Of Ceres, California

The city of Ceres has one of the most conducive and growing economies in the state of California. Many industrial companies have opened up manufacturing plants in this city to support the livelihood of the residents by offering job opportunities and providing goods and services that they might need for their daily survival.

Bronco Wine Company, great brewers who made Charles Shaw wine, is found in Ceres city.

Ceres, California has a per capita income of $18,575 and a median household income of $46,132. Residents of Ceres who are living under poverty level constitute about 20.0% of the total population.

Apart from manufacturing industry that has provided 16.6% of total jobs in Ceres, there are also other sources that also give employment to the residents here.

Some of them are retail- 15.0%, healthcare- 10.2%, accommodation-8.1%, construction-7.3%, and education-6.5%. And on education, only 6.7 percent of the population is attending college in Ceres, while 67.8% are high school graduates. College graduates who are in the city make up 9.7 % of the population.

Restaurants And Recreational Activities

The public is free to visit eleven parks that the city maintains. The largest park in Ceres, California is Ceres River Bluff Regional Park.

Various restaurants are found within the city of Ceres.

Some of the notable ones are, Hong Kong House Restaurants, a Chinese dining room with family meals and located on Ceres’ 2138 Mitchell Road, La Cascada Mexican Restaurant, and Farmer Boys at 3908 Mitchell Road.

Things You Can Do In Ceres, California

There are a million things you can do in this beautiful city, but here are three quick ones you can jump to while here.

· Attend the State Theatre in Modesto

· Visit John Thurman Field, arenas and stadium sports complexes open to the public

· Go for some shopping at Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto.