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Great weather, affordable housing, stable property market, low cost of living – all these are qualities that can be used to describe Carson, California. It is indeed a great place to live as explained in this review on “Carson is a fairly nice city located south of Los Angeles. There are not a lot of attractions in Carson, but it does offer a large public swimming pool, a few parks and several restaurants and nightlife venues. Suave Nightclub is a popular location and is fairly priced with a good atmosphere, promising a fun evening out. In Carson, kids will enjoy Go Kart World. With numerous tracks and go-karts to choose from, kids will find this amusement park very exciting. Another fun destination for people of all ages is the International Printing Museum, focusing on the history of printing and machines. One of the best Hawaiian restaurants in this area is called Back Home in Lahaina. Offering live music, deliciously authentic cuisine and a friendly Hawaiian atmosphere, guests are sure to enjoy every second of their visit here. Carson’s job market does not offer very many options, just as many areas in Los Angeles. Neighborhoods are pretty friendly and real estate prices are still affordable for most, making Carson a comfortable place to live. Shopping is also plentiful throughout the city of Carson. The best place to buy seafood is Seafood City Supermarket, offering the best quality fresh seafood.”

Carson is located in Los Angeles County just 14 miles away from LAX and 13 miles from downtown Los Angeles. As of the 2010 US census it was home to about 92,000 and it is the youngest municipality in South Bay. Originally, the land where Carson is located was home to tribes of Native Indians but was annexed by the Spanish in the 18th century. The Dominguez family ruled the lands for 150 years from the Rancho San Pedro. They started selling off small lots which attracted farmers to the area. Industry and commerce started to develop at around the same time. By the Second World War Carson had become a solid community and it developed very rapidly right after the war ended. It incorporated in 1968.

It is important to note that Carson has a long oil history. According to Wikipedia, “1921 marked the first drilling for oil at Dominguez Hill, on the northwest side of the Dominguez Rancho, site of the famous battle during the Mexican-American War called the Battle of Dominguez Rancho in 1846. The mineral rights to this property were owned by Carson Estate Company, the Hellman Family, the Dominguez Estate Company, and the Burnham Exploration Company of Frederick Russell Burnham. On September 7, 1923, Burnham Exploration partnering with Union Oil brought in the first producer on the site: Callender No. 1-A well at a depth of 4,068 feet (1,240 m) and 1,193 barrels per day. Before long a number of refineries were up and running, with over 350 oil derricks, tank farms, and sprawling industrial complexes becoming a familiar part of the scenery. The principal leases were with Shell Oil Company and Union Oil of California and the first two wells were located west of Central Avenue and north of Victoria Street. Oil led to an increase in jobs in the community and a subsequent post-war population surge. An average of 300 barrels per day was produced from each of these wells through 1960. In 2011, Shell was ordered by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board to clean up the Carousel neighborhood after benzene and methane gas contamination was discovered, as well as soil and groundwater contamination.”

Today, Carson’s population is 24% white, 24% African American, 26% Asian and the rest is a mix of other different races. The city is very family oriented – nearly half of all families have children who are 18 years old or younger. Carson has a livability index of 66 and the cost of living there is 3% lower than the average for California. The median household income is 16% higher than the state average which makes it a perfect city for those who are keen on saving their earnings. You will be relatively safe living here as the crime rate is 10% lower than the state average. High school graduation rates are 2% lower than the state average and the city is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Compton Unified School District. The California Academy of mathematics and Science is also located in Carson.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a home it would be a good idea to settle down in this city – median home values are 8% lower than the state average. If, for example, you are looking to buy a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home it will cost you around $640,000, while a smaller 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home will cost you about $475,000.

If you are a property developer you may be pleased to know that Carson has a lot of undeveloped land and plans are underway to construct different kinds of properties including an NFL stadium.

As for things to do in Carson there are plenty and you can do them year round because the city enjoys excellent weather. You may want to start by touring the Home Depot center which has a 2,450 seat velodrome that is used for world class cycling and is also the home of the LA Galaxy. You may also want to drive along the San Diego Highway and see the Goodyear Blimp. Carson is also near several beaches including Long Beach where there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy. Escape Rooms are also big in Carson – these are rooms that have puzzles and you can only get out after you complete them. They are challenging and fun. The Porsche Experience Center, Go Kart World, the International Printing Museum, the Alpine Village, the Mulligan Family Fun Center, Paint n Pour and the Gondola Getaway are other Carson attractions that will keep you busy.