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Learn About Bradbury, CA

Here is what one user has to say about Bradbury, CA on “Tiny little city that is enclosed in the small city of Duarte. Love house seeing around here because the mansions and homes here are huge and just absolutely stunning. When you walk around or drive through the little city, you will probably see the horse stables along the way. Some of the homes are also very beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and decor around the end of the year, which is always a lovely treat for the eyes. And lastly, the sight of the city from the top at night is beautiful.”

If you have a high income, love living in a rural setting and want to live in a premier California city you should relocate to Bradbury. It is a small community that is located in San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County California and it is home to about 1,050 people as of the last census. It is a gated community where residents are required to buy 5 acre estates, with each lot having a stable. There are several horse ranches in the city. In 2010 Forbes Magazine named its Zip Code as one of the most expensive in America but it turns out that the magazine had confused it with Duarte. That said, Bradbury’s Zip Code is still one of the most expensive in the city. The city is a bedroom community – most people who live here work in neighboring cities. In fact, the city doesn’t have any businesses located in it so has no economic base to speak of. According to, “…the City is a true “contract city.” It has a small full-time staff and contracts for many of the services provided to its residents. The community encompasses 1.9 square miles, and includes 3.2 miles of public streets and roads. Bradbury is bordered on the west by the City of Monrovia, on the south and east by the City of Duarte. The city includes communities within the Bradbury Estates, along Woodlyn Lane, and in non-gated areas. Much of the city is zoned for agriculture and maintains open-space in the foothills through two and five acre minimums. Other areas of the city enjoy quiet residential streets which preserve the rural feeling that led to the city’s founding. It is a General Law City operating under the City Council/City Manager form of government. The City Manager oversees all city functions. The City Council strives to provide the very highest level of service to its residents and is very responsive to resident concerns.”

Bradbury was founded by Lewis Leonard Bradbury on the Rancho Azusa de Duarte in 1881. His daughter married Isaac Polk in 1911 and they built a large mansion on the rancho which they named Chateau Bradbury. The city was incorporated in 1957. tells us more about Lewis Bradbury: “Louis Bradbury made his fortune in gold and silver mining primarily in Mexico, and is famous for the construction of the Bradbury Building, a City of Los Angeles Historical Landmark. Mr. Bradbury also owned a smaller ranch located in the southeastern portion of the City of San Marino. After the passing of Louis Bradbury his heirs lost control of both ranches during the 1930’s. Prolonged legal battles between the family members resulted in foreclosure proceedings by the Security National Bank against most of the Bradbury Estate.”

It also tells us how Bradbury grew: “The conclusion of World War II brought new growth to what was once the Bradbury Estate and its surrounding area. Large parcels of it were sold to people seeking spacious building sites, which afforded privacy and country living in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. The surrounding properties, in the then unincorporated area called Duarte, were subdivided into tracts, which provided modest and affordable living accommodations for returning service men and their families. The entire area began to change rapidly from a sleepy agricultural area to a sprawling suburb of “GI” tract homes.”

62% of Bradbury residents are white, while 2% are African American and 27% are Asian. The rest is made up of a mixture of other races. About 30% of all households in Bradbury have children who are aged 18 or younger. The livability index of Bradbury is 78 which makes it one of the best communities in California. According to Wikipedia, “The median income for a household in the city was $100,454, and the median income for a family was $106,736. Males had a median income of $56,250 versus $40,000 for females. The per capita income for the city was $57,717. None of the families and 2.0% of the population was living below the poverty line, including no under eighteens and none of those over 64.”It has a cost of living that is 102% higher than the state average. The median home income is 83% higher than the California average and as you can expect, there is almost no crime there – the crime rate is 67% lower than the average across the state. The high school graduation rate is 15% higher than the state average and the city is served by the Duarte Unified School District.

Homes in Bradbury are expensive – the median home value is 317% higher than the California average. If you are looking to buy 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home you will pay around $1.7 million while a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home will cost you $5.2 million.

While it is true that Bradbury is one of the most expensive communities in California, it affords residents a lifestyle that cannot be compared to those you will get in other cities. If you can afford it you should consider buying a home there – the lifestyle you will enjoy will make it worth it.