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Located on the western bank of the Los Angeles River, Bell is an incorporated city in Los Angeles County, the state of California. The city was inhabited by the native Indians known as the Gabrielino. The Spaniards then lived in the area in the mid-16th century. Among the earliest settlers was a Spanish family referred to as the Lugos. Don Antonio Maria Lugo was granted the land, which is now Bell, by the King of Spain in 1810. As a reward for his military service. By 1865, the Lugo family had sold most of its property but retained its home which is the oldest home in Los Angeles County.

The city is named after James George Bell who was the city’s founder. He and his family lived at the Bell House which is now a historic landmark located at 4401 East Gage Avenue. In 2000, the house got dedicated as a California State Historical Resource. The family helped in the development of the town as a small farming and cattle-rearing community. Later, the family moved from its ‘town house’ to its ‘ranch house’ in 1876. The Bell farm House was built in an early Victorian fashion. The town was named Bell in 1898 by Rancho San Antonio.

Previously, the area was sparsely populated, and the homes were scattered. But later on, between 1900 and 1915, more people settled in the area and more homes, schools, churches, and businesses were established. A library was also built, and the citizens assisted in all the provisions for the library but the books. The area continued progressing, and between 1920 and 1935, there was an enormous growth in population. More residential areas were built alongside new businesses, schools, and community organizations.

Places of interest

Bell has many recreational facilities and parks. These are places that would be of great intrigue, not only to the locals in the area but visitors too from other parts of the world:

• The Bell Community Center: The Center is a venue for many events in the City including anniversaries, birthdays, conferences, parties and seminars. There is a park, Treder Park, in the community center which has a gazebo, pavilion for barbecues and picnic tables.

• Camp Little Bear Park and Lodge: Designed for children with areas for baseball and handball. Outside the park, there is an amphitheater for films, a miniature golf course and an indoor lodge with classrooms and computers.

• Ernest Debs Park: Also referred to as “Casa de Futbol” (“House of Football”) has a soccer field, basketball courts, pavilions, picnic tables, and benches.

• Veterans Memorial Park: Has a rose garden in memory of the US soldiers, a playground for kids, basketball court, tree shaded benches, picnic pavilions and a clubhouse with computer access.

• Y.O.T.L.O.T (Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow) Teen Center is a facility for teenagers with hockey, computer access, football, game system, pool table, stage, and snack bar. Right adjacent to the teen center is the Bell SK8 (“skate”) Park.

• El Picante: Offering Mexican delicacies.

• Bell Gardens Golf Course

• Bell Gardens casinos

• Boulevard Burgers

• The Bike Brewery

Things to do

Swimming: Bell City has an indoor public swimming pool that is located at Bell High School

Sports: The City has many parks among them, Camp Little Bear Park and Ernest Debs Park which has playground and courts for various sports.

Picnics: The parks in Bell have picnic spots suitable for the whole family.

Golfing: Enjoy a swing of your golf stick on the Bell Gardens Golf Course with friends.


The housing authorities alongside the nonprofit organizations in Bell provide affordable housing facilities for those with low-income housing needs. The rental prices are subsidized. Among those apartments are Murray Place and Bell Woodward Townhomes. Bell City also has options for residence for people who require Help; Children and Single Mothers, those seeking medical Assistance, the unemployed and those recovering from drug abuse.


When it comes to education, Bell City has various institutions of learning on different levels of education. The City is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). A portion of Bell lies within the limits of Montebello Unified School District.

For the children in kindergarten, the Martha Escutia Primary Center was opened in 2005. Corona Avenue Elementary School K-5, Nueve Vista Elementary School K-5 and Woodlawn Avenue Elementary School K-5 are among the elementary schools found in Bell while Chester W. Nimitz Middle School is one of the middle schools available. When it comes to high school, all residents are zoned to Bell High School which is mostly composed of Hispanic students. However, there is Al- Hadi, a private school located in the City.

The City has a public library, Bell Library, located at 4411 East Gage Avenue. It is operated and maintained by the County of Los Angeles Public Library.

Important things to know about Bell, CA

The City of Bell is in the 33rd Senate District in the California State Legislature and the sixty-third Assembly District. Bell City is the 40th Congressional district, In the United States House of Representatives.

Bell has a Chamber of Commerce which is located at the historic Bell House. The Chamber is used as a meeting place and a museum that showcases the relics from the city’s founders. Entry to the house is free, and anyone can enter.

The City, in 2010, had a corruption scandal when some government officials were found to be getting excessively high salaries. When an investigation was carried out on the issue, a significant number of public servants were found guilty and got arrested for misappropriation of public funds. More information on the case is found in the ‘City of Bell Scandal’ articles available online.

Bell has a variety of races within its limits among which, the Hispanics have the largest percentage and the smallest being Native Americans.


Bell City in California is a fantastic place to consider for residence and vacation. The City also has a rich history with the establishments and relics of the past.