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Learn About Azusa, CA

“I moved to Azusa, CA from Texas about three years ago. The reason I moved to the area was for a job. I have grown to love the city, and I wouldn’t think about moving back to Texas. The people here are very friendly, and there is always something to do in Azusa. The home I live in is a new house in a development that was recently built. I am the first owner of the home, and the neighborhood is very quiet. There are several schools in the area as there are numerous children, many who I see playing parks with their families or at some of the events that are held in town. One of my favorite places to go is the Bridge to Nowhere. This is a bridge that looks like it’s going to nowhere as you come around the side of the mountain. There are a few trails off the bridge that I enjoy walking on, and the bridge is the ideal place for pictures as you have beautiful mountains in the background. One of the things I have noticed about this area of CA is that there is a wide variety of restaurants. You can find anything from Thai food to Italian. Some of the restaurants are a little more elegant than others, and these are the ones I avoid as they are very expensive. However, there are some family restaurants that have large dishes and affordable prices. After dinner, you can often find a show at one of the theaters in town. If sitting still isn’t something to do, consider bungee jumping at Bungee America. The jumps are coordinated by experts who have your safety in mind.” That is how one resident of Azusa describes it on

Azusa is located in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County, California, and is home to about 45,000 people. It is nestled at the foot of San Gabriel Mountains, at the top of which there is an A that can be seen within a 30 mile radius – it represents the city of Azusa. Azusa actually means A to Z USA and the city has been promoting itself for many years using this slogan. As far as Californian cities go there is not much that is remarkable about this city, but it is a great place to settle down if you want to raise a family in a quiet setting that has affordable housing. In fact, because the housing market is so stable many young couples are moving there so as to raise their families.

The history of the area where Azusa stands dates back thousands of years to the Tongva Indians. A Mexican settlement was constructed there in 1841 after land was granted by the Mexican government to Luis Arenas. 3 years later he sold it to Henry Dalton who created a ranch that he named Rancho Azusa de Dalton. There he had a winery, a distillery, a vinegar house, a meat smokehouse, a flour mill and a vineyard. After the Mexican-American war the land came under dispute and Dalton was forced to litigate for 24 years. He had borrowed the money that he used for litigation from Jonathan Slauson and when he eventually won the case in 1880 he was forced to give him the ranch in order to pay off the debt. According to Wikipedia, “The completion of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Railroad in January 1887, later sold to the Santa Fe railroad, brought new people looking for homes and investment opportunities in Azusa. The Gold Line Foothill light rail line is being built on the old rail right-of-way. Part of this land boom was the short lived (1887-1905) town of Gladstone, now part of Azusa.”

Azusa’s population is 68% white, 9% Asian and the rest is comprised of other races including Hispanics and Latinos, Pacific Islanders and African Americans. About 50% of the population has children, and the city is served by the Azusa Unified School District. There are many public and private schools that parents can choose from. The cost of living in Azusa is 7% lower than the California average while the median household income is 15% lower. The crime rate in this city is 8% lower than the California average while the rate of high school graduation is 6% lower than the state average. It is easier to buy a home in Azusa than in many other cities in California because the median home value is 16% lower than the average across the state. If, for instance, you want to buy a large, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home you will part with about $860,000, while a small 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom home will cost you $390,000.

Here are some interesting facts about Azusa, according to Wikipedia:

• A popular running gag on the long-running radio comedy The Jack Benny Program involved a character voiced by Mel Blanc announcing the arrival or departure of a train to or from “Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc-a-monga.”

• The city’s name appeared in the title of the Jan and Dean song, “Anaheim, Azusa, & Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review And Timing Association” in 1964.

• In 1971 Life magazine ran a cover story on teen pregnancy featuring a unique program for pregnant high school teens. The story focused on teenage mothers attending Citrus High School in Azusa. At a time when many pregnant teens were shunned by their schools and families, Citrus High School sought to help the teen mothers continue their studies while pregnant.

There is plenty to do in Azusa, and the weather allows residents to do it year-round. You can head to the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Park for a swim and some time on the beach, or you can go hiking at Fish Canyon Falls and enjoy the great views. The Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is another favorite, as is Valleydale Park. There are many other parks in the city as well.