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Artesia City is found in the State of California, Los Angeles County. The city began as a village and got named after the abundant artesian wells flowing in the area which supported lots of farming and agricultural activities at that time. The village got established in 1875 upon the completion of the Artesia School District.

Portuguese and Dutch farmers developed Artesia into one of the most significant dairy districts in Southern California. During the World War II, Artesia was pressured by developers to have residential settlements. Artesia was incorporated on 29th May 1959. The Artesia Historical Society was formed in 1993 to preserve and protect the archives and historical sites in Artesia City. The Historical Society was able to salvage and restore one of the last Spanish-styled homes into a historical public museum in the City in 2002.

One of the most familiar landmarks in the Artesia City is the Artesia water tower. The tower can hold up to 50000 gallons of water. Before being sold to the Artesia City in1988, the tower had been owned by the Southern California Water Company. Unfortunately, records of the tower’s construction are not found hence the tower cannot qualify as a historic destination in California.

Places of interest

At Artesia, here are places of interest you should visit;

• Heritage Park: the park has sports facilities and a historical Play Island to make that play day as enjoyable as possible.

• Don Knabe Community Regional Park: A public park with a pool in which you can fish and also swim in.

• Straight Up Fitness

• Rajdhani: A top restaurant in Artesian City

• Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant: Making the best Mexican delicacies.

• La Tavolata: An Italian Restaurant.

Things to do

Baseball: The sport is popular amongst the people in Artesia City. There are parks with sports facilities like the Heritage Park, which facilitates baseball and other sports.

Ice skating: The Artesia City has the East West Ice Palace where people go for ice skating and ice games.

Shopping: Kosh and the Cottage Art Store are gifts and specialty shops in Artesia City.


For people intending to settle in Artesia CA, there are Homes for Sale that have a median listing pricing and are priced per square foot. The homes are mostly brokered by RE/MAX OFCERRITOS, Young Lee Real Estate Co., Apoorva Realty, and T.N.G. REAL Estate Consultants among others to ensure that you get your home of choice in Artesia City.

In any case of fire emergencies, the Los Angeles County Fire Department is just a call away with Care Ambulance Service for ambulance transport.

Law, order, and security is assured in the City with the operation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department which is run at Lakewood Station in Lakewood.

For health emergencies and check-ups, the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services is at your service in Artesia. The Department operates the Whittier Health Center.

For delivery of letters and packages, the United States Postal Service through the Artesia Post Office located at 11721 along 183rd Street has that covered.


In Artesia City, the ABC Unified School District serves the residents there. For the young children joining pre-school and elementary school, you can find New Life Pre-School & Kindergarten at Norwalk Boulevard, Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School in Clarkdale Avenue and St. Burbank Luther Elementary School in Roseton Avenue. There is also a school for vocation and technical skills, Angeles Institute, located on Pioneer Boulevard. For those interested in beauty and makeup skills, April Love Pro Makeup Academy is an academy for makeup artists found in Artesia on Pioneer Boulevard. Alpha Academy is a tutoring Center located on South Street in Artesia City. Cerritos Chinese School is also a school based in Norwalk Boulevard, Artesia for learning the Chinese language.

Important things to know about Artesia CA

Artesia is the 32nd Senate District in the California State Legislature, and is in the 58th Assembly District. The City is in the 38th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.

The Artesia City has a disaster Council that provides policies and suggestions to the City Council for adoption in emergency situations like earthquakes and terrorist attacks.

Artesia is surrounded by Cerritos on the West, South and East sides. On the North, it is adjacent to Norwalk.

An interesting aspect of Artesia City is its ancestry and ethnicity. The City has a variety of cultures. For the Europeans in Artesia, those with Portuguese ancestry hold the highest percentage, followed by those of Dutch descent. About 27% of Artesia is of Asian ancestry consisting of Filipino, Chinese, Asian Indian and Koreans. Hispanic culture also holds a significant percentage most being of Mexican descent. Artesia City also holds a small proportion of African Americans.

The City of Artesia is named as the “International and Cultural Shopping District” due to its diversity in the ethnicities that own businesses in the area, especially along Pioneer Boulevard. That portion of the City, around Pioneer Boulevard, had been proposed to be named “Little India” due to the significant number of Indian- owned businesses in that area but the proposal was countered by other ethnic societies in the city.

Annually, the International Street Fair and Diversity Festival are held in Artesia on Pioneer Boulevard where the locals are given a platform to showcase their diversities of culture through performances and presentations of their cultural foods and artifacts in stands. The event presents activities for the whole family. The kids have a great time, especially with loads of fun activities, lined up for them during the event; rides, arts, and crafts. Bands and performers are invited to make the place even livelier.

The Artesia water tower got featured in the motion picture; “Flaggy’s Dead: The Final nightmare” in1991 and in the television show; “My name is Earl,” Season 1, Episode 17 in March 2006.


The City of Artesia is a beautiful city with interesting sites and restaurants to visit. It is worth paying a visit for sure.