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Aliso Viejo, CA was once part of the Moulton Ranch who was owned by the Moulton family in the 1890’s. Throughout the years parts of the land was sold and became cities like Laguna Niguel, Leisure World and Laguna Hills. The Mission Viejo Company purchased the last 6,600 acres of the land in 1976 and the community of Aliso Viejo, CA was planned. They had a plan for 20,000 homes that could hold 50,000 families and the plans were approved in 1979 by the Orange County. The first houses on sale were in March 1982 and the first people to move in were in November 1982. 800 Acres of land was set aside for schools, parks, community facilities and recreation. 2,600 Acres of land was given to the Orange County to be part of the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. To manage the parks and community open space the Aliso Viejo Community Association was set up and it was the first community wide association in California and it had the abilities to provide a full range of community facilities and services. Aliso Viejo, CA was actually planned to have a balance between the number of job projects and the residential work force in the community. Park Central, the Town Centre and Business Park are situated on 900 acres of land and it was expected to provide more than 20,000 jobs to the community. All the homes in Aliso Viejo, CA was build in a radius of 1 ½ miles from the Town centre to let people have live and work opportunities in the community.

Housing and Education

The city of Aliso Viejo, CA is served by the Capistrano Unified School District and there are four elementary, two middle and one high school in the city. The four elementary schools are the Wood Canyon Elementary School, the Don Juan Avila Elementary School, the Oak Grove Elementary School and the Canyon Vista Elementary School. The two middle schools are Don Juan Avila Middle School and the Aliso Viejo Middle School and the High School is the Aliso Niguel High School. In 2001 the Soka University opened it doors to 100 freshmen in Viso Viejo, CA. There is also a private school in Aliso Viejo, CA called the St. Mary’s School.

Special apartments for senior citizens 55 and older can look to pay rent from $ 1,500 and upwards per month. Other apartments for younger citizens can range between $ 1,700 to $5,500 depending on the type of apartment that you are looking at and the area where the apartment is located. House prices will vary from $400,000 to $1, 200, 00 depending on the type of the house and the area that you are looking at. There is more than one real estate business in Aliso Viejo, CA that will be able to show you what they have and to help you make a decision on what you can afford.

Places of Interest/Things to Do

Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park

At the Aliso and Wood canyon wilderness Park you will experience different geological, paleontological and marine fossil sites. Universities and colleges take advantage of these sites every year to conduct scientific studies and to learn about the history of all the sites. One of the most interesting historic landmarks here is the Dripping Cave also known as the “Robbers Cave”. It is the parks biggest rock shelter and it was used Native American Hunters as shelter on their hunting expeditions. Later it was used by Juan Flores gangs as hideout to rob the Los Angeles and the San Diego stage coaches. Today the cave gets its name from the rain water that a re dripping from the upper lip of the rock. Human History in the park is also very popular under scientists as it was the boundary line between two Native American Tribes. These tribes were the Tongva tribes and the Acajchemem tribes. There are 30 miles of trial tracks that you can enjoy and two all year round streams. The nature that you will find here will be an experience that you will never forget.

Springdale Park

If you want to take your children outdoors where they can have fun and where you as parent can join in the fun then you need to take them to the Springdale Park also known as the “Spiderman or Spider Web Park”. There are two climbing apparatus with two rope webs weaved together. The park is situated right across from the town centre and it very safe for children. The highlights in the park are definitely the climbing ropes. There are a ‘clubhouse’ set aside from the rest of the equipment as well as a concrete tunnel. There are two bench swings and two baby swings, a sloped zip track for the older children and also a basketball court for adults. All the equipment has shade covers over them and there is a lot of sand for children to bring their toys with to play there. There are picnic tables and benches all around the play park where the adults can sit and have an eye on their children. But of course most of the parents will get in and play with their children on the equipment to be part of the fun and to relive their childhood.

Soka Performing Arts Centre

The 1000 seat concert hall was designed by the famous Yasuhisa Toyota who also designed the Walt Disney concert Hall. The Soka Performance Arts centre was opened in September 2011 and is on a 95,000 square feet of land. The centre have four large dressing rooms, each with their own restroom and shower facilities and one star dressing room also with its own restroom and shower facility. It also has laundry facilities, a sound isolated rehearsal room, state of the art lighting, video and audio capabilities and touring groups. There are 1032 variable seating in the concert hall on three levels and 180 variable seating in the Black Box Theatre. People can experience these halls by joining the tours that are given to the public. The Soka Performing Arts Centre has certainly opened new doors to many young students dreaming of a career in the performing arts.