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Alamo is an unincorporated community in Contra Costa County, California, USA. As a suburb of San Francisco, the city is located in the East Bay Region and home to over 15,000 residents. The city is also based between the cities of Walnut Creek and Danville, and named after the poplar trees that inhabit the San Ramon Creek. The Alamo name, of course, is derived from Spanish – but the city should not be confused with the Alamo structure in San Antonio, Texas. As an unincorporated community, Alamo does not have a local or city government. As a result, police – EMS -and fire services are provided by the Contra Costa County Office of the Sherriff and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District.

Incorporation Attempts

There have been several attempts to have Alamo incorporated as an official city. In fact, a group of citizens – in 2007 – launched an initiative to incorporate the town. This was part of a series of previous attempts that dates back to the early 1960s. These efforts also included parts of other nearby incorporated areas; mainly Alamo, Danville, and San Ramon. However, the latest attempt was defeated by a referendum in March 2009. There are plans to petition the residents to demand incorporation again sometime this year. Alamo also has a median household income of $140,561 as of 2011. The city is mainly known for its residential areas and homes – but does have commercial venues and businesses as well.

Notable Residents

Alamo has produced a number of notable names and residents over the years. With a storied and historical past, the city is proud to have hosted athletes, CEOs, musicians, artisans, and many more. Some of the names on this list include but are not limited to:

• Mark Davis – Oakland Raiders Owner.
• Steven Burd – Safeway Inc. supermarket CEO and President.
• Greg Kent – ex AFL – NFL player – Detroit Lions and Oakland Raiders.
• David Duffield – CEO of Workday, Inc. Currently on the Forbes list of billionaires.
• Greg Kragen – ex NFL player – Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, and Carolina Panthers.
• Jason Newsted – Former bassist for Metallica.
• Tony La Russa – St. Louis Cardinals manager.
• Davey Pattison – Born and raised in Alamo – vocalist for the music band Gamma.
• Kristi Yamaguchi – Olympic gold medalist – skating.
• Bree Turner – Raised in Alamo – professional actress and currently starring in NBC’s “Grimm”.
• Greg Sestero – Raised in Alamo – actor and start of the cult classic “The Room”. Author of “The Disaster Artist”

History of Alamo

The area of Alamo was inhabited by the Tatcan Indians – a Bay Miwok tribe. This tribe was closely connected to the Saclans of Walnut Creek, who lived in the area back in the 18th century. With the founding of Mission San Jose in 1797, the grazing area stretched throughout the San Ramon Valley. The Mexican land grant – Rancho San Ramon – was deeded to Mariano Castro and his uncle Bartolo Pacheco in 1833. This land grant covered modern-day Danville and Alamo areas. The latter northern half was owned by Castro – and in 1843 – much of the area, along with Tice Valley and Las Trampas were granted to the Inocencio brothers and Jose Romero. The area was then named Rancho El Sobrante de San Ramon due to missing title paper. The brothers would eventually lose their ranch to the American courts in 1857.

Alamo and the Jones Family

Mary Ann and John Jones traveled through Alamo in 1847. Both pioneers were enamored with the beauty of the area – especially the trees, forest areas, and miles of grazing land. There were also plenty of valleys and hills that were blanked by exquisite flowers, plants and vast vegetation. Both pioneers would return to the Alamo area in 1851 – after California had become a state. Jones would become the first postmasters of Alamo a year later in 1852, while Mary schooled children and helped start the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Other residents and founders moved into the area in the mid 1850s as well. This includes David Glass, George Engelmyer, Silas and Susanna Stone, James Foster, Joshua Bollinger and Captain Wall.

These early settlers began crazing cattle, while raising wheat and other grains. In 1891, the Hemme train station was placed near today’s Hemme Avenue. It was later renamed Alamo Station – and the early settlers -also built ranches and started planting orchards and vineyards across the area. They also planted new walnut trees and helped create profitable industries across the newly formed Contra Costa County areas.

Things to Do and See in Alamo – Today

Alamo is known for its trees, vineyards, ranches and parks. In fact, the area is a haven for natural lovers and enthusiasts alike. From bird watching and hiking to nature trails and camping, Alamo is home to several parks and recreational areas. These include:

• Andrew H. Young Park
• Livorna Park
• Alamo School Sports Field
• Rancho Romero School Sports Filed and Park
• Hap Magee Ranch Park
• Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

These parks feature barbecue pits, rest stations, and plenty of nature and hiking trails. Local forestry officials monitor the parks day and night – and these areas are perfect for family camping and outdoor social events. Alamo also has children’s playgrounds, sports collectives, clubs, teams, and so much more for the entire family.

Schools in Alamo

Alamo is a great place to work and raise a family in. It is also home to public education schools, which are provided and governed by the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. There are three schools in the area, including two elementary and one middle school. Alamo is also home to the Annual Hoedown Celebration, which is marked by pony rides, country dances, barbecues, and activities for all local residents – families -and visitors. Schools in Alamo include:

• The Alamo School
• Rancho Romero Elementary School
• Stone Valley Middle School

Restaurants in Alamo

Alamo has a few restaurants and eateries in the area. From scrumptious Mexican food to delicious Italian platters, here are the top restaurants for locals and guests in Alamo:

Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant

Don Jose’s a family-style cantina that features the best Mexican food in the area. This includes tantalizing tacos and enchilada entrees, along with fajitas, chalupas and much more. They also feature a vast beverage, wine, and beer selection – as well as dine-in and take-out services. Whether for lunch or dinner, this popular local restaurant truly captures the allure and essence of Old Mexico. Conveniently located at the Stone Valley Center on Danville Boulevard, there is plenty of parking available and daily specials. From corporate meetings and family brunches to Sunday dinners, Don Jose welcomes one and all with open arms and a professional, caring staff.

Xenia Bistro

Xenia Bistro is a popular Italian bar and café located in the Alamo Plaza Shopping Center. From lasagna and spaghetti to pizza and calzone, the Bistro serves up some of the best Italian food in Alamo. With comfortable seating and cozy décor, the Bistro is perfect for family lunches or social events. There is a full wine and beverage selection, along with mouth-watering desserts and canoli. Whether in the mood for chicken parmesan or sizzling Italian steak platters, no one does it like Xenia Bistro.

If planning to relocate to Alamo, simply check Google for more information on this unincorporated – yet lively and energetic town.